What’s up with the ‘BK have it your way’ Burger King commercial-turned-meme?

Sports fans and TikTok users alike probably read the following sentence in a very specific tune: “BK have it your way.”

What does it mean? It’s the newest jingle to accompany Burger King commercials and, boy, it has become one of the most annoying sounds.

When it comes to advertisements, Super Bowl season is the time to shine. As companies raise the stakes to craft the most viral TV advert, Burger King has the Internet in its grip. The fast food chain’s “BK have it your way” commercials are so maddening to sports fans that they’ve become a meme.

What‘s the origin of the Burger King commercials with repetitive lyrics? 

It all started with a series of Burger King ads that launched last year during mid-NFL game advert breaks. The most popular commercial included a strange little song to promote the Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich.

The lyrics included: “Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken / Italian, spicy, bacon, chicken / Take one bite and it all starts clickin’ / Crown up my day.”

What is the meme that came out of the Burger King commercial?

The purpose of the meme is essentially to make fun of the absurdity of the commercials themselves.

User @eric_riley8 couldn’t help but laugh at the ad playing just after his dad began to sulk over a football game.

Other TikTokers like @otterboy320 have just resorted to speeding up the song to make it all the more maddening.

“Bro causally dropped the hardest chicken chicken chicken edit and thought we wouldn’t notice,” one person commented on another TikToker’s remix.

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