Bites from the Big Apple: vegan brunch and legal highs

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s vegetarian restaurant, abcV 
Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s vegetarian restaurant, abcV

The brunch, the ear buds, the bi-coastal workwear…consume the city like a native New Yorker and get ready for cannabis luxe.

The high life 

Cannabis oil products low in psychoactive THC are already popping up in clubs, coffee shops and new store MedMen – the ‘Starbucks of weed’– on Fifth Avenue, as the city gears up for legal change.

Cannabis cigar
A gold leaf ‘cannagar', or 'cannabis cigar'

"We will be searching out locations in New York," says Ron Throgmartin, CEO of premium West Coast cannabis stores Diego Pellicer. When the time comes, New Yorkers can expect some pretty exciting shopping: this summer, Diego Pellicer sold a gold leaf "cannagar", or cannabis cigar, for a stratospheric $10,000.

V chic 

Ultra-chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s vegetarian restaurant abcV is the breakfast or lunch spot to book in advance of any trip to NYC. Crammed with those New York types who frequent hip places, dress down really well and look vaguely familiar, it offers brunch and breakfast options that are unique and delicious, too.

Vegetarian restaurant, abcV 
Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s vegetarian restaurant abcV is the breakfast or lunch spot to book in advance

Vegan novices can experiment with gateway dishes, while the Mediterranean inspired menu will leave you energised. Located on the corner of Broadway and East 19th Street. 

Ciao! Manhattan

The Italian leather goods industry enjoys a powerful legacy in New York, so there was a warm reception when storied brand Bruno Magli launched a concept store in Wooster Street this month, with L’Uomo Vogue co-hosting the opening.

Bruno Magli shoes
Bruno Magli's new SoHo premises features the brand's original photography

Part museum, part store and part coffee shop, the SoHo premises feature original photography of the brand, plus men’s accessories and tailoring alongside womenswear and, of course, shoes.

Best buds

Master & Dynamic supplies city sound lovers with their favourite leather headphones (looking part ’80s sound mixer, part ’70s radio jock, they are as likely to be seen hanging around necks as actually relaying music). Eagerly awaited is M&D’s entirely new wire-free ear bud, the MW07.

Master & Dynamic headphones 
M&D’s entirely new wire-free ear bud, the MW07, $299

A masculine design and snug patent-pending silicone sleeves set it apart from more techy looking rivals. With a charging case and a battery that switches off when the buds are removed, this brand-new classic will be autumn’s must-buy.

 Just coasting

‘Business casual’ is the trend sweeping the city, with LA sportswear brands Cotton Citizen– for those "embracing a bi-coastal multi-city life", says founder Adam Vanunu – and Rhude, where Rhuigi Villaseñor is "encapsulating this sort of permanent vacation look".

LA sportswear
LA sportswear brand Cotton Citizen embraces the 'business casual' trend

Both boast a celebrity clientele stretching from Frank Ocean to Sean Combs. To see the non-sporty sportswear look in action, check out villain Tom Wyatt in season two of Amazon’s Goliath – a man with the Silicon Valley billionaire in-NYC look nailed down.

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