Make bite-sized chicken and waffles in minutes with this viral TikTok hack

You can make a perfect portion of bite-sized chicken and waffles with this easy TikTok hack.

If you’re intensely craving this popular comfort food, but not up for whipping out a waffle iron or prepping fry batter, In The Know’s AmiLin McClure has got a quick meal trick.

“I saw this recipe hack on TikTok,” AmiLin said. “I thought it was genius because making chicken and waffles from scratch is actually pretty complicated. Plus, these ones are super cute.”

You only need three ingredients for the snack: toaster waffles, frozen or ready-made popcorn chicken and maple syrup.

“First, heat up the waffle in your toaster,” AmiLin said.

One waffle is enough for roughly nine of these minis meals.

“I have my cutting board and my knife here and I’m just going to slice up the waffle into little pieces,” she said.

Cut the waffle into small segments that are around 1-inch big.

Next, microwave your popcorn chicken until it’s cooked.

“I have my plate here and I’m going to place each waffle piece down and then I am going to place a piece of popcorn chicken on top of the waffle piece. Last but not least drizzle the maple syrup on top,” AmiLin said.

These treats are great for sharing — or for a solo late-night Netflix binge.

“If you’re craving chicken and waffles, this is the perfect five-minute fix. I love how one waffle turns into nine little bite-sized pieces. They’re so cute,” AmiLin said.

Check out In The Know’s video on how to make TikTok’s famous “croissant cereal.”

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