Bird's Tiny 'Detective Hat' Should Win an Award for Cuteness

This might be the cutest thing we've ever seen.

It's difficult to make accessories tiny enough to be worn by puppies or kittens, but this quail named Finn has the smallest hat we've ever seen. And if that's not impressive enough--it's homemade! Its tiny size just makes the detective hat that much cuter, but nothing can top the look of satisfaction on the little bird's face.  

No wonder @fathenfarms keeps buying hats for Finn! We didn't know we needed to see a quail in a tiny hat, but we really, really did. 

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Finn is so precious! It took less than five seconds for us to see why this little bird has so many fans on TikTok--though we're also fans of whoever made his tiny hats! Yep, you read that right--this bird has many, many hats.

Commenter @tanisha_bashar also asked, "who makes these crochet hats for him?" We hope Finn's owner replies so the artist can get the credit they deserve! Until then, we'll just keep enjoying this quail's adorable videos. This one is just too cute to ignore! 

"This is by far my favorite hat," said @numzi__. It's pretty darn adorable, that's for sure. Still, we don't know if we'd call it our favorite until we can see Finn model the rest of his hats. 

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We can't believe this little bird has 35 hats, though suppose that's just what happens when you're that cute. Finn could pull off nearly anything, so we're sure his collection will continue to grow. Which one of his little hats is your favorite?

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