Bird Escapes Cage and Totally Annihilates Mom's Glassware Cabinet

Some pets are angels — others, well others are like a bird named Prince, who definitely had chaos on the mind when she flew into her mom's glassware cabinet recently. If that sounds bad, well, it was definitely not great. Thankfully the damage wasn't too bad.

The bird's mama, Tamia, was furious when she found out that Prince had flown into the "forbidden cabinet."

That's the cabinet where she keeps all of her special glass cups and glasses.

"You need to get out!" she told her in the video after a shriek.

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Prince was taunting her mama the entire time. She did her little "happy dance," and chirped with glee as mom had a full-on freak out down below. At one point, the bird even broke one of her mom's shot glasses.

"She literally got out of her cage and I didn't even have this open," she said. Prince didn't stop at casual destruction, she rattled all the glasses and kept diving in and out of cups.

People in the comments section suspected this was no mere incident. "The fact that she KNOWS it bothers you," one person pointed out. "She is such a smart birdy. Unfortunately she uses it for evil," someone else joked. "She was having the time of her life," a third person pointed out. "Do they make rage rooms for birds?" another person joked.

How to Keep Your Birds From Being Destructive

Surely not every bird has the appetite for destruction like Prince does — right? Well unfortunately pet birds can sort of get rowdy from time to time. If your bird loves to bang around in your breakables, there are ways to get them to stop.

First, it's important to understand that birds don't mean to destroy things. It's just natural for them to use their beaks to interact with the world. They use them to eat, climb, and generally move around. They'll also chew on anything that's available to them.

That being said, it's important to discourage your bird from chewing on things by setting up an a good environment. That means making sure there are plenty of things around that are safe for them to chew on, like good food and toys. Feeding your bird pelleted bird food will help. Other treats like carrots or apples can also satisfy that chewing instinct too. It's all about keeping your bird busy and out of trouble. They can be real stinkers otherwise — just ask Prince's owner.

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