Bird’s Annoyance Over His Partner Singing Is Impossible To Resist

If you've ever been in a long-term relationship, then you know how annoyed your partner can make you by doing even the smallest of things. @parrotprincess shared a video on Friday, September 15th of her two 'married' parrots Turkey and Feta, and it's too funny!

Turkey is the blue bird, and his 'wife' is Feta, and only has one-wing. The two are always together, and in this video Feta's in a good mood and happily singing away. Turkey isn't enjoying her solo performance, and he makes it very clear that he wants her to stop!

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Yep, they're just like any other couple! Turkey wasn't having Feta's singing. Feta the parrot is saying "bacon pancake!" and maybe Turkey wasn't feeling pancakes that morning. They're both gorgeous birds - quaker parrots - and I could watch them all day.

Commenters got a kick out of the short clip. @T got nearly 6 thousand likes when she said, "Guess he doesn't like bacon pancakes." Another commenter laughed, "The intrusive thoughts won today", and someone else added, "He really said “Say cake one more time… I dare you". @Tati pointed out, "The hesitation makes me think she knew she was annoying him and was doing it on purpose LOL!" I think she's probably right! I laughed at @Queen Zee's comment, "Gave the look and went for it anyway!"

Hopefully Turkey didn't stay grumpy and the two of them made up. I watched a few other videos that @parrotprincess shared, and these two parrots are pretty entertaining!

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