Bindi Irwin finds unwanted guests inside her laundry

Binidi Irwin’s pregnancy announcement two months ago hasn’t stopped the 22-year-old from exploring wildlife and documenting her adventures on Instagram. But while doing her laundry in the rural outback of Queensland, Australia, she made a very disturbing discovery. “This was a first!” she wrote in the video’s caption. After pulling clothes off the clothing line, Irwin realized that an enormous family of moths had moved into a pair of shorts. Queensland has seen an uptick in moths recently because of a very specific weather pattern. Australia was experiencing a series of droughts followed by a period of lots of rain. The resulting humidity has attracted moths and butterflies. Moths are drawn to dark and warm spaces and do gravitate toward unwashed clothing that may have traces of body oils or food residue. Regardless of the reason why Irwin’s shorts were infested with moths, people were very grossed out. “I would take the L. Those pants are theirs now. Then I would leave and never return,” another person added