Billy and Daisy Will Face the Truth in the 'Daisy Jones & The Six' Finale

daisy jones
Billy and Daisy Are Finally Ready to TalkPrime Video

Well, what can I say? This was bound to happen. The past eight episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six have chronicled lead singers Daisy and Billy’s love affair in a manner that’s so engrossing, you might think it actually happened. What started as a simple will-they-won’t-they, turned into an oh-my-god-they-did. Now, even these two don’t know if it was worth it.

After the events of last week's episode, “Looks Like We Made it,” Daisy and Billy have two questions they have to address: Should love come with this many consequences? And are you really having fun if your wellbeing is at stake? In this exclusive clip from the finale, streaming above, they discuss all of that—and then some.

This long-overdue conversation comes after a major turning point in the series. In last week's episode Daisy nearly died from a drug overdose after a long night of partying with her husband, Nicky. After sensing trouble, Billy broke into their room, found Daisy unconscious, and called for help. And Nicky? Well, he ran away. Afterward, Daisy finally realized she can’t drown her sorrows in drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, Billy discovered he may never be safe in Daisy’s company.

This Friday, we’ll see the duo grapple with the fate of their relationship and how it affects the band. I won’t share any spoilers, but expect the unexpected. This wouldn’t be the first time Daisy Jones & The Six strayed from the novel it was adapted from.

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