Billie Eilish’s Recent Outfit Brings Back This Controversial Denim Trend

Photo credit: Erika Goldring - Getty Images
Photo credit: Erika Goldring - Getty Images

When a fashion icon like Billie Eilish dips her toe into controversial trends like this one, we take notes!

Jean shorts, affectionately known as “jorts,” have been a summer staple for decades. The early ‘00s liked ultra-tiny, low-rise shorts while the 2010s favored ripped, Coachella-ready, high-waisted styles — and now Billie Eilish has brought back the controversial long ‘90s jort.

While she probably wouldn’t wear these shorts to visit President Biden at the White House or to walk the Met Gala red carpet, Billie does have a grungier, oversized style for performances and casual days. The “Happier Than Ever” singer posted an Instagram carousel of photos from Asia with the cover photo showing her standing on an unfinished stage of a massive arena. Billie smiles at something off-camera while wearing a black oversized hoodie and long, loose denim shorts that hit above the knee. She topped off the look with a black baseball cap to cover her dark hair, and wore chunky high-top Converse with black crew socks.

“Asia’s been cuuute 🤗 see you tonight ;)” she captioned her post. The rest of the photo dump featured various pictures from Billie’s time in Asia, from street views and bumper cars to convenience store ice cream and more backstage photos. We even get to see another casual Billie outfit in a second behind-the-scenes photo — the singer is shown rocking an oversized black graphic tee with white crew socks, KT tape on her legs, and her hair done up in two space buns.

We’re obsessed with the way Billie can easily take on any aesthetic or style ranging from intricate corsets to grunge-y tees and loose AF dad shorts — because whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that comfortable ‘90s jorts are on the up-and-up. Shop our favorite picks below.

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