Billie Eilish Just Shut Down Haters for Body-Shaming Her Over That Tank Top Photo

Jenzia Burgos
·1 min read

Days after photos of her wearing a tank top first surfaced, Billie Eilish responded to body shamers who criticized her appearance in the tight-fitting top. The 18-year-old singer is usually spotted wearing baggy clothes (which she has even expressed her preference for in the past), causing many of Eilish’s fans to be surprised by her new look photographed on October 12. At the time, plenty of followers only had nice things to say—but one Twitter user didn’t. The hater shared a harsh message: “In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30’s wine mom body,” they wrote in a now-viral tweet.

Most of Eilish’s fans rushed to the “I Wanna End Me” singer’s defense. “To anyone who...

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