'Bill and Ted Face the Music' Will Hit Streaming On September 1

Cameron LeBlanc

If you’re either unable or unwilling to sit in an enclosed, air-conditioned movie theater while a respiratory disease wrecks havoc on the world, we’ve got some awesome news for you. Bill and Ted Face the Music is being released in theaters and on streaming on September 1, so you won’t have to wait longer to watch the highly anticipated film from the comfort of your own home.

The third Bill and Ted film was never going to be a billion-dollar blockbuster, which saved it from the long delays faced by films like Mulan and No Time to Die, spectacles meant to make much of their money in theaters before going to streaming.

The more immediate good news is that there’s also a new trailer for the film, one of that reveals that Bill and Ted attended couples therapy together with their wives (“a couple of couples, right?”) and that they have some kind of bizarre wedding band gig. With the help of their daughters, they do a very Bill and Ted thing and unite a band of musicians from across time and space to perform an original song that will “save reality as we know it.”

The trailer ends with Bill, Ted, and their kids dead and in hell, but in the time-traveling, happy-go-lucky world of Bill and Ted everything is cool even if the apocalypse is imminent. It’s honestly hard to think of a more relevant message for the current moment, which means Bill and Ted can’t face the music soon enough.

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