Bike, Bike, Baby: Coolest Destinations for Fat Tire Biking

Before ice biking gained traction in Buffalo, there was fat tire biking, a winter sport that is only getting hotter each year, especially in the States.

These babies are like the monster trucks of bicycles, some with wheels up to 5 inches wide. And as the craze continues to grow, so does the number of trails available. An increasing number of destinations are starting to offer groomed trails, or snowy trails that are groomed for the wider tires and provide hard-packed surfaces and conditions to bike on.

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Go grab your helmet (and some warm layers), and take a ride with us as we check out some of the best destinations for fat tire biking.

Anchorage, Alaska


Fat tire biking is a big part of daily life in Anchorage. (Photo: Daniel H. Bailey / Alamy)

Alaska is the birthplace of this ever-growing sport, so it’s only natural to make the pilgrimage here. In Anchorage, fat bikes are a pivotal part of life, for both winter commuting purposes and recreational purposes. If you’re looking to join a group tour, you can do so with Arctic Cycles. Interested in heading out on your own? Kincaid Park is where you’ll find 16 miles of single tracks all packed nice and tight for you to spin those wheels on. Bikes are available for rent in town at Trek Anchorage.

Crested Butte, Colo.


Fat tire biking in Crested Butte (Photo:

Crested Butte is considered a haven for bikers come summertime, and this is a community where a love for the sport is at the forefront of everything they do. Crested Butte is a great place to check out the fat tire biking scene. Some of the best trails include Slate River Road, Kebler Pass, Washington Gulch, Snodgrass Trail, and Gothic Road.

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Whistler, Canada

New to Whistler this year, fat tire bikes can be ridden at Whistler Olympic Park, British Columbia, where you can also rent them. At Whistler Olympic Park, fat bikes are kept to the Porter’s Glide area, trails typically used for those interested in cross-country skiing with their dogs. For part of the season, fat bikes were also allowed on additional trails every Wednesday night from 5 p.m. Rentals can also be found at Comor Sports and the Patagonia store in the Village.

Duluth, Minn.

Duluth is fast becoming one of the leading destinations for this icy activity due to its well-developed system of groomed trails. Check out Mission Creek and Lester Park trails, and rent equipment from Continental Ski and Bike.

East Burke, Vt.


The snowy Vermont terrain is great for fat biking. (Photo: Kingdom Trails/Facebook)

Vermont offers an incredible biking scene, even in winter. Kingdom Trails in East Burke is a network of trails on private land for nonmotorized, multiuse recreation activity. Those wanting to give this new trend a try will find fantastic options for the avalanche of fat tire bikers that descend here in winter. Head to the East Side trails for more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) of groomed singletracks. For rentals, check out East Burke Sports.

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Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyo.

This year marks the first year that Curt Gowdy State Park is grooming trails for fat tire biking, making it a top destination for this popular winter activity. The state park is known for its mountain biking in the warmer months, and the recent trend has transformed Curt Gowdy State Park into a year-round destination offering top-notch riding.

Alta, Wyo.


The fat bike trails are a popular feature at Grand Targhee Resort. (Photo: Grand Targhee Resort/Facebook)

The Grand Targhee Resort, located north of Jackson Hole, is a ski resort that has had its hand in the fat tire biking scene since the beginning, making it a prime spot for enthusiasts looking to pedal through the snow. Bikers have access to beautifully groomed trails, including two new miles of singletrack trails. Interested riders can rent gear at Teton Mountain Outfitters and Habitat.

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