Big-Wave Surfer Nic Lamb Lands $50k Deal with Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank' (Watch)

Lots of surfers have side hustles.

Take, for example, Kelly Slater – over the years, outside of his competitive career, he’s dabbled in surfboards (Slater Designs), traction pads (K-Grip), energy drinks (Purps), wavepools (Kelly Slater Wave Co.), clothing brands (Outerknown), and footwear (KLLY).

And so, Santa Cruz big-wave surfer Nic Lamb followed Slater’s lead in creating a product, which is both functional and that he has a personal connection to: the IceBeanie; and a while back, he took the product on Shark Tank, looking for investors.

Lamb’s appearance on the hit entrepreneurial TV show actually went down a while back, but he recently resurfaced the clip above in which he struck a deal with Mark Cuban.

Explaining the product, Lamb said:

“I’m seeking $50,000 in exchange for 20 percent of my company, IceBeanie.

“Sharks, as you may be able to tell, I spend most of my time chasing the largest surf on the planet. I’m a professional big-wave surfer. Started surfing at five; started competing at nine; at 14 I became the youngest to ever surf Mavericks.

“But while surfing Nazaré in Portugal – the largest wave in the world – I slipped on a giant 70-foot wave that rung my bell. It left me with a serious concussion. For months after the incident, I had terrible post-concussion migraine headaches. So, frustrated with putting icepacks on my head, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s whay I created, Icebeanie.”

Concussions, TBIs, and head injuries in surfing (especially) big waves are no joke. And as Nic mentioned in his pitch above, he knows about this firsthand.

So, did the sharks bite?

Mark Cuban went for a $50k investment for a 25% stake in the company.

For more, check out IceBeanie.


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