'Big Brother 25's Blue Kim Calls America a "Diva" and Matt a "Simp"

Blue Kim

Big Brother’s house is open once more! Every week, Parade.com’s Mike Bloom will be bringing you interviews with this season's houseguests as they get evicted from the game.

Despite being known as a "kitty kitty," Blue Kim had the loyalty of a dog. Whether it was to her showmance Jared Fields or her house BFF Jag Bains, she was dedicated to sticking by them, through thick and through thin. Unfortunately, that meant Blue couldn't see the red flags in her vicinity. She was so fiercely dedicated to Jag, she didn't see his targeting of her coming. And so she went from "slay" to slain, a target masquerading as a pawn.

In the opening days of Big Brother 25, Blue formed a tight relationship and a Final Two alliance with Jag. Despite their closest ally getting taken out and being put up together, their duo was able to weather the storm and persevere until the jury phase. Meanwhile, Blue was getting involved in a very different type of partnership, as she and Jared began to get close, unaware that they were under the watchful eye of his mother in fellow houseguest Cirie Fields. Though their showmance hit a rough patch when she heard about Jared's various alliances that didn't involve her, she was ready to stick through with him to the end. Unfortunately, that end came very soon. When Cory Wurtenberger won HoH, Blue initially admitted she would use the veto on Jared if she won it. Cory felt he had no choice but to nominate the couple next to each other. And while Jared was evicted (albeit belatedly due to the "zombie" twist), he left behind an irate Blue.

Jared's eviction changed Blue's entire M.O. Her new mission: Get out Cory and America Lopez at all costs. The rest of her time in the house was spent trying to get them up on the block and out of the house. And her singular focus blinded her to Jag and Matt Klotz, who were starting to eye Blue as an immediate target due to her competition prowess. As the invisible HoH, Jag nominated Blue with the intention of getting her out. When America told her this information, she immediately took it back to Matt and Jag. And when Blue won the veto, it spelled the end of the other showmance, to her glee. The next week, Blue was so thrilled by the idea of America going out right after Cory that she agreed to be a pawn next to her. But the "poetic justice" that she mentioned to Jag was squarely pointed in her direction. Jag took aim at her once more. And with no veto to protect her, she finally got the full betrayal from her BFF, her boot sandwiched in between her two mortal enemies in the house.

Now on his way to the jury house, Blue talks with Parade.com about her reaction to Jag and Matt's betrayal, her focus on targeting Cory and America, and some very interesting rapid-fire thoughts on the remaining housegests.

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You were informed that you would be going shortly before your eviction. Who told you what was happening, and how did you react considering you were willing to go up as a pawn for Jag just a week after he told you he won invisible HoH and had targeted you?
So Jag is the one that told me that I was gonna go up as a pawn. I had a instinct gut reaction to this. And I had a small feeling that I was going to end up being the target. So going into the veto, I treated it like a do-or-die situation. I died. But I had a feeling.  I was put as a target the week before. I had a feeling I definitely could be the target, especially next to America this week.

Over the past couple of weeks, you were told by Cameron and America about how Jag and Matt would eventually betray you. You chose to not believe them, and took that information to Jag and Matt themselves. How do you look back on what you were told, and how you approached that?
I think in the past couple of weeks, the one thing that I wish I did differently now looking back, is I wish I kept Cory. I think he would have been a bigger shield than America, obviously. But during the week that Cory got evicted, that was my number one goal. So personally, it did a lot for me to be able to take out Cory, who has been my target for weeks under a week where I was a target, then was able to take myself off with a veto. So it was a bittersweet moment for me. But, ultimately, I have no regrets.

You were incredibly focused on getting rid of Cory and America after he put you up during Jared’s eviction when you told him you’d use the veto on Jared. What made you want to target them so much for weeks to come, and do you feel that contributed to your eviction this week?
So I wanted to take out Cory and America because I've noticed the game that they're playing. They were lying to a lot of people, they were making people do their dirty work for them. So for weeks, I was planting seeds in people's heads, basically trying to tell them that this is the game that they're playing. Ultimately, I don't think it really backfired on me, per se. I think that in itself is a whole another question. But that's ultimately why I went after Cory and America, because I knew eventually Cory was going to come after me, especially knowing how hard I was going after him.

Let's finish with some rapid-fire thoughts on each of the houseguests. Starting with America.

She's a diva. The diva-est diva of them all.
Bowie Jane.
Cirie is definitely a fighter.
Felicia, my girl. She is wild, out of pocket, crazy. But in the best way possible.
Aston Boring!
A simp. Matt is a full, down-bad simp.

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