Big Beauty Tuesday: Can Maven Beauty's Cosmic Drip Take Us Out of This World?

Maiysha Kai
·4 min read

To say we’re ready to be done with 2020 would be an understatement—this year has been a ride on this crazy, careening planet called Earth. With the world seemingly on fire, it’s no wonder some of us have turned our attention to more celestial pursuits, whether losing ourselves in the less-than-earthbound fantasies of Lovecraft Country or celebrating the recent arrival of Sag season (we see you, Sagittarians!)—meaning we’re nearly done with this disaster of a year.

Helping to keep our eyes on the stars is the latest drop from Fashion Nova’s makeup line, Maven Beauty. Having recently sampled and reviewed “Basic Beat,” the debut collection of its 100-percent vegan and cruelty-free shadows, lipsticks and more, I was duly impressed by the quality of this new budget-friendly beauty brand (everything is under $23). That said, I may have been slightly underwhelmed by the very subdued (though indisputably wearable) palettes—after all, this is Fashion Nova we’re talking about. Just last week, we were kiki-ing about the...bold designs in their debut collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, so we knew they had it in them to come a little harder with the cosmetics.

Well, ask and ye shall receive—and proving they have no intention of playing it safe, Fashion Nova allowed us to preview Maven’s second drop, an out-of-this-world, Euphoria-inspired collection of eye makeup comprised of saturated and holiday-ready frosts, metallics and glitters appropriately named “Cosmic Drip.”

As previously reported, the packaging is (mostly) on point, but we’re really here for the product—and the pigments. Not being shy about color, this is the drop we’ve been waiting for from not-for-the-timid Fashion Nova, and immediately the most vivid of the three new eyeshadow quads caught our eye (pun intended), a jewel-toned palette called “Nova.” Once again, the color payoff of these shadows is decent—definitely worth more than you’re paying for—but this time, the shadows are given more depth by their iridescence, if slightly deceptive the shades, as these colors are chromatic. I loved Nova’s pop of color, but for those not as inclined to the jewel tones as I am, there’s also the dramatic neutral metallics of “Cosmos” and the shimmering mid-tone pastels of “Stargate” to explore.

A new offering from Maven, the “Asteroid Tears” liquidglitter shadows proved impressive and easy to apply—I daresay they gave me way more pigment and opacity than the much higher-priced liquid shadows I own from Yves Saint Laurent, and are comparable in quality to Stila’s bestsellers. Plus, they easily rinsed off with water—a plus when we’re talking about glitter.

My only beef with Maven once again came with the liquid eyeliners—which I so desperately want to love! Last time, I memorably was a little too eager while dialing up the fluid in the brush, causing a very messy (and indelible) explosion of inky black liquid pigment. This time, I almost didn’t get the chance to perfect my technique with the color I was most excited about, Maven’s metallic midnight blue “Lagoon.” First, the brush applicator came off with the cap—and took some concerted effort with some pliers to disengage. Once reaffixed to the pen shaft, I began the arduous process of gently twisting a couple of turns at a time for the product to flood the brush and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...until once again, the applicator popped off, making a mess!

Thankfully, I was prepared this time, both standing over my sink and holding the thing upright in anticipation of an explosion—and unlike last time, I was able to reattach the applicator to the base, though the nonsensical/non-functional plastic “tag” encircling it seems to have disappeared down my drain. That said, without the tag the fluid instantly reached the tip, allowing me to verify the color is indeed metallic, very opaque, and entirely waterproof—honestly, I love this formula. What I don’t love is the dispensary method; it’s too labor-intensive and risky for the user’s clothing. After all my effort, the applicator is once again attached to the cap, meaning I’ll have to pull out the pliers again to use this shade—and am now not eager to try the others, though they look enticing. Not so pretty, Maven. (Baby—what is you doin’?)

But save the inconvenience of the eyeliners (which I really, really hope they rethink, because the formula is bomb), I’m increasingly a fan of the Maven Beauty brand—and if you’re already a Fashion Nova stan, I’d recommend skipping over to that beauty tab and sampling it for yourself (there are low-priced brushes, too!). Cosmic Drip fittingly drops on Cyber Monday, as will a special holiday gift set of Maven launch collection, Basic Beat. And if you’re “savage” enough to brave Meg’s collab, several of the immediately sold-out styles have been restocked for the holidays.