Big Bear Eagles Bickering Over Nest Duty Is Better Than Any Reality TV Show

In the heart of Big Bear Valley, Jackie and Shadow, the eagle power couple, are facing their biggest challenge yet. With three precious eggs in their nest, tensions are running high as they bicker over nest duty.

Tensions are soaring as Shadow, the proud patriarch of the nest, refuses to budge and give Jackie her turn incubating the precious eggs. Will these two love birds put aside their issues by the time the eggs hatch?

The Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam posted on Facebook, "On Thursday when Shadow arrived with fluff, Jackie quickly let him take over. An hour later, she returned and announced her presence...and Shadow immediately argued. Apparently, he didn’t think his turn had been long enough. After waiting patiently for almost 2 full minutes, Jackie bit Shadow on the beak, reminding him that she was there. Shadow ignored her harder by doing a little furniture rearranging. When Jackie kept insisting, he tried one more argument, but then gave in."

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If you're concerned about our favorite reality bird couple having relationship issues, not to worry, because in a previous post the FOBVV explained that it's all love between these two, "On Sunday morning, Shadow put up a little fuss when Jackie came in for a shift change. Jackie has been pretty patient and understanding of his love of incubating, so she usually gives him a little extra time on the eggs. When she thinks 'okay that's enough', she gives a gentle love nibble or nudge, or a sweet beak kiss to soften him up a bit before he gets up and ready to leave. Then, of course, she moves in quickly on the eggs!"


With the fate of their eggs hanging in the balance, will Jackie and Shadow put aside their squabble and work together as a team? Or will their stubbornness jeopardize the future of their growing eagle family? Tune in to watch the Big Bear Eagle Cam to find out!

Facts About Eagle Parents

Once the eggs are hatched and incubation begins, the male and female both take babysitting duties and take turns sitting on the eggs, but the female does most of the work. Typical!

But that doesn't mean the eagle not sitting on the egg is just relaxing somewhere, because when one sits on the nest, the other is hunting for food or perching nearby to protect the nest.

During nest exchanges the eggs are rolled over by either parent about every hour to 2 hours during the incubation period. The eggs need to be

Eagle eggs need to be kept at about 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The incubation period lasts between 34 and 36 days, and once the chicks hatch they nest for 10-12 weeks. By the time these babies are 9 weeks old they are fully grown!

During that time both mom and dad eagles tend to the nest and make sure their chicks have raw meat 1-8 times a day. Both the parents hunt for food. Towards the end of the nesting period the mama eagle does most of the hunting.

Eagles don't clean their nests, and they can get quite disgusting after awhile. According to The Journey North, over time nests get pretty gross with old, maggot-filled fish parts stuck in the sticks of the nest, baking in the hot sun!

Watching the eagle cam is such an exciting and fun way to learn about these beautiful birds. We can't wait to see what the chicks look like when they finally hatch!

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