'Big Bang Theory' Fans Are Totally Shocked by Mayim Bialik’s Big News on Instagram

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

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Mayim Bialik is keeping her fingers crossed that she will be named Jeopardy!’s new permanent host. But in the meantime, the 46-year-old actress is staying busy with other TV projects, including her hit Fox sitcom Call Me Kat.

For folks who can’t get enough of The Big Bang Theory alum, she recently shared exciting news about her latest role. On May 16, the Jeopardy! star announced that Call Me Kat had been renewed for a third season. Based on the British sitcom Miranda, the American version debuted in January 2021 and follows a 39-year-old single woman named Kat. After leaving her prestigious job as a math professor at the University of Louisville, she opens up a cat café using the money her parents put aside for her future wedding.

The news of a third installment came days after Fox aired the season 2 finale of Call Me Kat. Unsurprisingly, Mayim wasted no time in sharing the announcement with fellow viewers. “Can’t wait for more unforgettable #CallMeKat moments! 😻,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of a Deadline tweet.

After hearing that the Fox sitcom will be returning with new episodes (presumably in the fall), fans immediately flooded Mayim’s Instagram comments section with festive messages.

“Wooohooooo!! I love this show and last episode on season 2, got me like… #moreseasonplease 🤗👏👏❤️ 🐱 Cheers to Season 3 ☕️ #congrats 🎉,” one person wrote. “Congrats @missmayim! You're awesome!” another added. “Yayyy! I love this show! I love the chemistry between all the characters. They are all so sweet & caring of each other! We definitely need more shows like this on TV spreading more positivity in this world!” a different fan said.

According to the podcast host, embarking on this TV journey during the coronavirus pandemic was thrilling for several different reasons. Apart from landing on a network based solely on a show description and no scripts, Mayim got the chance to reunite with Big Bang Theory costar Jim Parsons who coproduces Call Me Kat with her.

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“When Jim brought [the show] to me, I thought he was just asking my opinion because we were friends and we have a lot of similar tastes,” she told Us Weekly in January 2021. “I was like, ‘That sounds great. I totally think that’s a great idea!’ He was like, ‘No, Mayim. I’m telling you about this because I want you to play her.’”

Mayim continued: “I was totally shocked that Jim Parsons wanted to still work with me. I think I’m very annoying, but he apparently thinks I’m not as annoying as I think I am, because he wanted to work with me!”

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