'Big Bang Theory' Fans Are Roasting Mayim Bialik’s Boyfriend on Instagram Right Now

Photo credit: Mayim Bialik/Screenshot - Instagram
Photo credit: Mayim Bialik/Screenshot - Instagram

Apart from cohosting their mental health podcast Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown together, Mayim Bialik and her boyfriend Jonathan Cohen also split household chores. But when the Jeopardy! cohost showed the world a task he struggles with, folks didn’t exactly hold back their brutally honest opinions.

On June 29, The Big Bang Theory actress posted an Instagram Reel of Jonathan vacuuming what appears to be their living room. With a Dyson vacuum in hand, Jonathan got to work picking up dust and dirt from the floor and couch. As it turns out, he got a little help from Mayim who guided him as he cleaned with funny commentary.

“Let’s help Jonathan vacuum,” reads text in the video. “Pick up the pace a little. Shouldn’t you be vacuuming in rows? Slow and steady wins the race. You missed a spot. It’s a good thing I was here.”

In the end, Mayim gave him a thumbs up in the caption and let him know he did a “good job.” But not everyone in the Instagram comments section seemed to agree.

Reacting to Jonathan’s cleaning video, fans believed that he could use more practice. “He vacuums like my roomba!” another added. “The rows Jonathon [sic.]!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the entire POINT,” a different fan said about his technique. “What would he do without Mayim lol,” a follower commented.

On the other hand, many appreciated his effort. “He is vacuuming that’s good enough for me. 🙌🙌😂," someone else said.

Opinions aside the video gave everyone a chuckle, including Jonathan. According to Jonathan, he actually didn’t know that he was being filmed. “@missmayim snuck this video of me #unapproved content – lol,” he wrote in his Instagram Stories shortly after.

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