Biden supporters blast Georgia Republicans at rally for Democratic Senate hopefuls: ‘It’s offensive’

President-elect Joe Biden traveled to Atlanta Tuesday to stump for the two Democratic Senate candidates on the Jan. 5 runoff ballot, Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock. Carloads of Biden supporters filled the drive-in section of the rally, while hundreds of supporters stood outside the gates, expressing their discontent that Republicans still question November's election results.

Video Transcript

- For years, I think there's just been a dark cloud over the United States. And I'm so excited that they know that change is coming, and it's coming with Joe Biden and the new-- new people coming in. And hopefully Warnock and Ossoff into the Senate.

JOE BIDEN: You know who didn't stand by? You know did nothing while Trump, Texas, and others were trying to wipe out every single one of the almost 5 million votes you had cast here in Georgia in November? Your two Republican senators. They stood by.

In fact, your two Republican senators fully embraced what Texans are telling the Supreme Court. They fully embraced nullifying nearly 5 million Georgia votes. You might want to remember that come January 5th.

I'll try to be generous here in the spirit of the season. Maybe your senators were just confused. Maybe they think they represent Texas. Well, if you want to do the bidding of Texas, you should be running in Texas, not in Georgia.

- I think that the things that are happening right now with everything related to voting-- it's like an oxymoron, because, for decades, the black vote, the minority vote literally didn't count. Not that many generations back I have relatives who were 3/5 of a person. And so for you to come with all these ridiculous antics to try to steal an election when the people have spoken, it's personally offensive, but it should be offensive to everyone in the US, because every vote should count, and every vote did get counted.

- So I have family members who are on the other side of it, and they truly believe that the election was stolen, that there was fraud. And that makes me really sad, like the disinformation campaigns that are out there. I don't know how you can correct that in this internet age.

- I believe that there's a good many people who vote solely on racial issues, and they think that the white people need to vote Republican-- is basically what they think. Obviously Perdue and Loeffler are making that very clear to them that that's what they stand for. The Republican Party also, in my opinion, makes a lot of average and poor people's lives very difficult. And those people, you know, keep voting for them, and-- I mean, which they seem to be fact free at this point. And I don't know what we're going to do about that, except have more of us than more of them. Everything went the wrong way in the past four years, in addition to having a madman at the helm.

- I expect it. That's-- that's-- that's pretty much all that they have. They don't have a message. You know, so like Raphael Warnock always says, when they don't have a view, they would go to division. So that's-- that's expected from them. It's really disappointing to see that 71 million people actually voted for this guy, you know? And Perdue, and some of them are still-- even our representatives-- they're doing all of this threatening, and putting people's lives in danger. And they're still going to vote for them. It boggles my mind.

- My sign says, thank you, Black women, because they're the ones that made the change in Georgia. They're the ones that we owe Georgia turning blue. These community leaders-- Stacey Abrams-- they were the reason that we actually won Georgia. And I think they're the reason that we're going to be able to turn the Senate blue.

It's really hard to just lead with love, but that's what you have to do in this time. I mean, everybody's in pain right now. I think you just have to lead with goodness and hope, although it may be heartbreaking to see people support people that are no good and not good for them, even though they don't know it. But you just have to lead with light.