Biden makes fun of Trump's suggestions for handling COVID-19

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden mocked President Trump's comments on COVID-19, saying, "Maybe you could inject some bleach in your arm."

Video Transcript

CHRIS WALLACE: President Trump, you have repeatedly either contradicted or been at odds with some of your government's own top scientists. The week before last, the head of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Redfield, said it would be summer before the vaccine would become generally available to the public. You said that he was confused and mistaken. Those were your two words.


CHRIS WALLACE: But Dr. Slaoui, the head of your Operation Warp Speed, has said exactly the same thing. Are they both wrong?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I've spoken to the companies. And we can have it a lot sooner. It's a very political thing, because people like this would rather make it political than save lives.


DONALD TRUMP: It is a very political thing. I've. Spoken to Pfizer. I've spoken to all of the people that you have to speak to. We have great-- Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and others. They can go faster than that by a lot. It's become very political, because the left-- or I don't know if I'd call him left. I don't know what I'd call him.

CHRIS WALLACE: So you're suggesting that the head of your Operation Warp Speed, Dr. Slaoui--

DONALD TRUMP: I disagree with him. Yeah. No, I disagree with both of them. And he didn't say that. He said it could be there, but it could also be much sooner. I had him in my office two days ago.

CHRIS WALLACE: He talked about the summer, sir, before it's generally available, just like Dr. Redfield.

DONALD TRUMP: He said it's a possibility that we'll have the answer before November 1. It could also be after then.

CHRIS WALLACE: I'm talking about when it's generally available, not when it will be--

DONALD TRUMP: Well, we're going to deliver it right away. We have the military all set up. Logistically, they're all set up. We have our military that delivers soldiers-- and they can do 200,000 a day. They're going to be delivering the vaccine.

JOE BIDEN: This is the same man--

DONALD TRUMP: It's all set up.

JOE BIDEN: --who told you, by Easter, this would be gone away. By the warm weather, it'd be gone miraculously-- like a miracle. And by the way, maybe you could inject some bleach in your arm, and that would take care of it.