This Beyoncé-Recommended Skincare Line Is About to Sell Out on Amazon

Rachel Nussbaum
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This Beyonce-Endorsed Skincare Line Is Selling Out on Amazon
This Beyonce-Endorsed Skincare Line Is Selling Out on Amazon

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Beyoncé is famously tight-lipped, with tidbits about her personal life few and far between thanks to NDAs flying every which way. So last June, it was highly exciting when the icon dropped a website to accompany her Black Parade single in honor of Juneteenth. Proceeds from the song went to Black-owned small businesses and, in keeping with the theme, "The Black Parade Route" on Beyoncé's website features a directory of Black-owned businesses to shop — and they're not to be missed.

The beauty section is full of outstanding brands like Black Girl Sunscreen, KNC, and Briogeo, but we're most intrigued by Buttah Skin, a range of gorgeously packaged, luxurious basics "created for all men and women with melanin skin tones that wanted an enriched beauty regimen that works," according to founder Dorion Renaud. And now's the time to buy: Google searches for the brand are up 1,300 percent, and items from the line are rapidly selling out.

Based on how quickly they're being snatched up, Buttah's Whipped Body Butter and Vibe & Cleanse Kit are the products to have. The former is made with 100 percent organic virgin shea butter imported from Africa, which is rich in essential fatty acids to make your skin glow à la Beyonce. Her endorsement wouldn't lie; shoppers write that it leaves their skin feeling velvety.

The kit is similarly well-reviewed, composed of the brand's cleanser and sonic face brush. Even after just five days of use, Amazon shoppers say their skin has never looked better, and coworkers have started commenting on how much they're glowing (serious praise given the state of the world). If Amazon's red low-stock warning makes your blood pressure skyrocket (or the products have already sold out), the good news is that the rest of the line is just as beloved.

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The range consists of seven standalone skincare products priced from $15 to $39, alongside two multi-product kits. The cleanser, face brush, and body butter are joined by an exfoliating AHA/BHA toner to reveal bright skin, a charcoal mask, and a revitalizing cream that sounds heavenly: a combination of cocoa and shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and hyaluronic acid to treat skin with antioxidants and hydration. Shoppers call it "divine," with licensed estheticians writing that it's "a game changer."

There's also a face-specific Facial Shea Butter, which is whipped to help it instantly melt in and, per the brand, deliver essential nutrients without clogging pores. Within one day, a shopper with rosacea wrote that they noticed a difference in their skin and minimized irritation. Rounding out the selection is Buttah's Vitamin C serum, named "magic in a bottle" by the brand for its "retexturizing vitamin C, anti-inflammatory chamomile extract, and soothing, oil-balancing ferulic acid." The claim is backed up by shoppers who describe how it "magically transforms" their skin, leaving it "luminous on contact."

Even reviewers who live in the desert say the oil leaves them with incredibly happy skin and softened fine lines. Others write that it's "drastically improved the texture and appearance of my skin, as well as minimized my pores," concluding that their skin looks "the best it has in years thanks to this." As ever, Beyoncé's guiding light doesn't disappoint.

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Shop now: $19;

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