Beyoncé’s Hairstylist Neal Farinah Posts About Her Mile-Long Braid on Instagram [Update]

UPDATE (August 5, 2018): Though it's true that Beyoncé's braided ponytail doesn't quit, sometimes it does get in the way of her stellar dance moves, and we just can't have that happening during such a major event as the On the Run II Tour. In fact, as reported by HelloGiggles, during Bey's July 30th concert, her waist-length braided ponytail apparently got caught in the singer's earrings and took nearly five minutes to untangle. However, Beyoncé has a history of dealing with on-stage mishaps with grace (and also has no problem with impromptu haircuts) and, according to one fan, returned from an outfit change with eight inches chopped from her braid.

We stan.

This post originally appeared on August 1, 2018:

There's nothing clandestine about Beyoncé's next-level choreography skills. The "Everything Is Love" singer is lauded for her in-depth dance numbers, which she somehow manages to make look easy while belting out ballads. (Teach us your ways, B.) It turns out that Beyoncé's hair, too, has moves of its own, something you might remember from an iconic 2016 performance in which she wore an ultra-long braid that stole the show.

Now, the braid has made a revival. And we have her hairstylist, Neal Farinah, to thank for sharing its incredible comeback. He posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram showing Bey sporting a mile-long braid during a performance, captioning one of them, "THE BRAID THAT HAS IT’S OWN HAIR-OGRAPHY." The clip in question features a boomerang of Beyoncé whipping her braid back and forth, much like how Willow Smith did in her "Whip My Hair" music video.

Another clip showcases the star using her plait as a prop in her choreography. She holds onto the end of the braid and brings it forward and backward, flawlessly aligning the motions with her own moves — and yes, it is just as mesmerizing as it sounds. Naturally, the Beyhive went wild for the singer's amazing braid moment. "She always goes so much harder with the long ponytail!!!!! Yaaaassss," wrote one excited fan. "You can tell she was feeling the braid. She went hard!😍," commented another.

You might remember that Jennifer Lopez's floor-length braid went viral last month, so clearly, the extra-long hair look is trending this summer. If you want to try out the look for yourself, check out our handy braid guide, which breaks down how to create a whole slew of different styles.

In the meantime, peep the posts from Farinah below to see Beyoncé's epic braid in all its glory.

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