Beyoncé fans using ‘Alien Superstar’ sound as motivation in the gym: ‘If Beyoncé is training, so are we’

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour starts in under two months, and fans are pushing themselves at the gym to prepare for it.

TikTokers are using a sound from “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” a song on Renaissance, to show what plays in their heads to give them motivation.

The original post in this trend was by @curtischarles, who was joking about Beyoncé fans haunting a house in the future. Now that Beyoncé is preparing to tour again, her fans are ready to join her in the process.

“POV: When I’m thinking about cutting my workout short. Then I remember Beyoncé probably running and singing on a treadmill this very moment,” @devanaturner wrote in her post.

“No on a serious note when i’m at the gym i deadass think ‘beyoncé is about to hit her pr’ or ‘she would do one more’ or ‘what would beyoncé do’,” said @draftblurt.

“When you almost skipped that last set but remembered….. mother prolly only had one almond and an ice cube today,” wrote @jordanmalmoore in her video.


These kinds of jokes not only stem from fans trying to look their best for the show but also from Beyoncé’s behind-the-scenes look at her performance preparation in Homecoming.

In the film, her trainer, Marco Borges, detailed the plant-based diet Beyoncé followed to prepare for Coachella. He and Beyoncé also made the diet plan available to purchase for members of the Beyhive to train like the star.
The Renaissance Tour doesn’t hit the states until July 12 in Philadelphia, so the Beyhive still has plenty of time to prepare.

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