Beverly Hills Aesthetician Gina Marí’s Best Beauty Tips

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My Beauty File is an on-going series where we at Charlotte’s Book figure out what the most timeless, put-together and coolest ladies are doing—what their days look like, what they can’t live without—in hopes that we might learn a thing or two. Beauty Files are a quick and easy cheat-sheet on how these incredible ladies are becoming their best selves.

Gina Marí is an incredibly sought-after aesthetician with a chic office on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Her skincare philosophy—stay balanced, happy, and do whatever works to keep your skin in balance, from microcurrent to Vanquish—is so in line with the Charlotte’s Book mantra, we were excited to chat with her. From why she’s a supplement-hater to reasons to avoid the newest $700 skin cream, here’s Gina Marí’s Beauty File.


After a full night’s sleep, your skin usually looks its best in the morning. I like to keep it simple with Ayurmedic’s Mild Cleansing Gel, Vacha Toner, and Circ Cell’s Daily Hydration Moisturizer with SPF 43 to keep my skin glowing, fresh and clean!


I usually make myself a smoothie jam-packed with greens, berries, and a vegan protein powder for breakfast. When I wake up hungry, craving something a little more, I opt for homemade oatmeal sweetened with coconut sugar. It is filling, delicious and gives me a natural energy boost. Always remember, a healthy diet is essential to clear, balanced and bright skin!

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I look forward to my skincare routine at night because it’s always different! Whether it’s Goldfaden MD’s Fresh-a-Peel for a gentle, brightening exfoliation or a .1% tretinoinpaired with Circ Cell’s Dew Hydrating PH Perfector, treatments right before bedtime give your skin time to repair and recover. Every night I use iS Clinical’s Super Serum(consisting of a highly concentrated vitamin C) as it keeps my melasma at bay!


I am a firm believer that you should only take supplements if you have a known deficiency in something. A lot of people will try to self-diagnose skin issues, exhaustion, or they will read up on a vitamin and spend $20-$40 on a specific supplement and never use it more than once. You will get the most nutrients, lasting energy by eating a clean and well-balanced diet.


I’ve been extremely physical for most of my life. I started off as a ballet dancer and then moved into martial arts in my 20’s. In my 40’s I switched over to various activities like pilates and yoga. I love the “community” feel of a class environment.

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I love technology! In the beauty space particularly we love LED light therapyto radiofrequency, it’s truly amazing the changes we can make in a client’s skin. We specialize in customizing and layering different technologies in our appointments to excite and stimulate the cells in several different ways. I want my clients to have a “make-up free” look and encourage overall skin health to achieve just that.


I’m fortunate that I have two incredibly talented clients take care of my hair. Anna Lyles does wonderful cuts and Meaghan Jones keeps the grey away without over-drying my hair. We just threw in a few highlights for fun! I like to experiment with different products, however I am extremely loyal to Huile de Leonor Greyl pre-shampootreatment and Oribe’s Gold Lust oil.


Both!!! I am thrilled to have Dr. Kelly Bickle at my office. We have a very collaborative process and I find it invaluable for both myself and my clients as we can take all of our treatments to the next level. For example, if a client is doing a laser with Dr. Bickle, we will treat them immediately after with LED lights or Oxygen therapy. Visa-versa, if a client is expressing a desire to clear up their acne or get rid of melasma, we will incorporate a resurfacing laser in between their facial treatments to speed up a beautiful end result!

Most importantly, you must have any suspicious spots or moles checked. If I see something that concerns me, I immediately have them see Dr. Bickle who also specializes in Mohs surgery.


I encourage my staff to eat well and exercise regularly. Most of the girls are vegetarianand focus on clean and organic foods. They are all members of Class Pass and are having a blast taking different and unique classes together. One of our team building activities is paddle boarding and Dr. Bickle is also involved in a paddle boarding ocean clean up organization.


Ditch the magnifying mirror and don’t overanalyze your skin. Most of the world sees us from 1 ½ – 2 feet away so that’s what you need to (literally) focus on. Leave the up close work to your aesthetician or dermatologist.


Take it in stride. Stress increases cortisol levels and can wreak havoc on your overall health. Know that the minute you get finished with your to-do list, more paperwork will come! If you can have acceptance that the minute you get comfortable the universe will hit you with another challenge… and mercury will always be in some type of retrograde! Just roll with it.


There is no “it” product and there’s no need to spend $700 on face cream! I’m constantly shocked at how much money people spend on the latest new thing.


I am fortunate to be surrounded by several amazing clients. I have several Charlottes. I am in true awe by my clients who have the capacity to both run companies and be amazing mothers. There are so many aspects of women to be respected that I would hate to list just one.


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