Betting: Michigan State vs UCLA Preview

Preston Johnson previews his top bets in the East Region in the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

Video Transcript

- This one hurts. It's a buy low on a UCLA team that's getting two points in the play-in game against Sparty. It also hurts double for me, because I'm technically a Bruins fan. And I usually try to stay away from betting on the team just because it hurts twice as much when they lose.

But they should be a favorite here. And I know they dropped their last four before this tournament began. You look at those four teams, look, all four of them are in the tournament. I believe three of them went down to basically the final position.

So similar to Drake, I think UCLA should be about a 1 and 1/2 point favorite, but they're getting 2 points. Long term, that's going to turn a profit. I'm going to trust the Bruins and take them plus 2 against Sparty.