Betting: How does COVID-19 impact Virginia's odds

Preston Johnson details what to expect from Virginia as they face unique challenges dealing with COVID-19 before their matchup against Ohio in the West Region.

Video Transcript

PRESTON JOHNSON: From a betting perspective, I think this match-up is really interesting, because Virginia would technically be a double-digit favorite if we were under normal circumstances, which we're not. And so how do you impact that uncertainty which Pete alluded to with them not really being able to practice; they're going to show up later, and they're playing a guy-- I mean, Preston-- I think that Illinois game that you referenced, Andy, they went into Illinois. They lost by 2. It was 77-75. Preston dropped like 31, 8, and 6. I mean, he's dominant. He can lead a team, even against a Virginia pack line defense, within double digits.

So now the sports market-- the betting markets, they're around 8 and 1/2, 8. I think that's closer to fair, considering the uncertainty with Virginia. It's not one I can bet on on passing, but I am rooting for Ohio. I think it would be a great story to see them go into the next round.