Betting: This is the year the Big Ten wins the NCAA Tournament

Minty Bets is joined by Tate Frazier of the "Titus & Tate" podcast to discuss top storylines headed into the NCAA Tournament.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Before we get started, get $25 when you sign up for the Yahoo Sportsbook today. March Madness is set to begin soon. And joining me to talk about the upcoming NCAA Tournament is the host of the "Titus & Tate" podcast, Tate Frazier. Tate, the Big 12 and the Big Ten are two of--


MINTY BETS: --the best conferences-- yes-- this season. Which of these two conferences is more likely to win a national title?

TATE FRAZIER: It does feel like, Minty-- first and foremost, it's great to be on the air with you. It's great to see you. It's great to talk about all things March Madness. Because, like you know, last year we did not have March Madness. So it's great to be back on the saddle a little bit.

And you asked the question, I have to give you the answer. We are in Big Ten country, Minty. We're going to Indianapolis. We're gonna have the tournament in Indianapolis. It does feel like the Big Ten's year. It's been 20 years since they've won a national championship.

We all remember Mateen Cleaves. We remember Tom Izzo and that Michigan State team. But it's been a long time. So it does feel like in honor of "The Flintstones," we have a Big Ten champion this year. So I feel good about that. It's a Big Ten year.

MINTY BETS: Big Ten year, all right. And then how about the ACC? Is there any team in the ACC you think can win it all? And what about your Tar Heels? How far do you think they can make it?

TATE FRAZIER: The ACC is not that good this year, Minty. Just to give you a quick update on all things ACC basketball, Florida State is probably your best bet on paper. They look the part.

You know, Leonard Hamilton has become a staple in college basketball circles. Everyone seems to love the idea of the new bloods, as we call it. So, not the year the blue bloods, it's the year of the new bloods. So if you like a new blood team, Florida State might be the sexy pick.

You asked about my Tar Heels. I love the freshman. If they play the freshman, if they play the young guys-- Kerwin Walton, Walker Kessler, Day'Ron Sharpe-- remember those three names. If they play and they play well, Minty, they have a shot.

I'm not saying they're gonna win it all. But they have a shot to go Sweet 16, Elite Eight. Who knows? Maybe even a Final Four. But again, it's a Big Ten year. So I'm not gonna get too hyped up on the ACC.

MINTY BETS: All right. I've written down those three names. And give us a sleeper team that you think can make a deep run in March Madness.

TATE FRAZIER: Oh, man. It's tough for me to really say. But I'm gonna stick with what I said before. It's a Big Ten year, so I'm gonna take a Big Ten team. It's not one of the top teams like an Iowa or an Illinois or a Michigan or Ohio State. It's Purdue, Minty. It's Purdue.

Purdue is a team that in 2019, they lost in the Elite Eight, one of the best games in the tournament. They lose to the eventual national champions, Virginia. I think that they have good mojo. They have good juice.

They got some young freshmen I really like. Ivey's a great kid. Edey, the 7 foot 3 guy is great for the fans at home, if they want to watch a big man dominate. So Purdue is a team-- I'm not saying they're gonna win it all, but Final Four potential with Purdue.

MINTY BETS: OK. And then lastly, how is this Gonzaga team different from past teams?

TATE FRAZIER: So this is a great question, Minty. Of course, you always ask great questions. But the reason that they're different is because 2017 Nigel Williams-Goss was their best player. He was a transfer that came in.

This year, Nigel Williams-Goss would be Andrew Nembhard. But at the end of the day, Nembhard comes off the bench and they have a five-star point guard, Jalen Suggs. They're better than 2017 I think. I think they're deeper. I think they are the best team.

If this was a normal year, if we were traveling around, if we had Regionals-- Gonzaga's gonna win it all. But we are in Big Ten country. So I think Indianapolis has some weird magic there that maybe they get a Big Ten team to the title. But any other year, I'd take Gonzaga to win it all.

MINTY BETS: All righty, spitting knowledge. Thank you so much, Tate.

TATE FRAZIER: Thank you, Minty.