How to Take Better Polaroid Photos with Sabrina Carpenter | Cosmopolitan

Sabrina Carpenter shows you how to look good in photos, in five easy steps! Check Sabrina out in Tiktok Challenge Challenge 🕺! She's an EXPERT when it comes to Polaroid photoshoots. 📸 So, naturally, we asked Sabrina to give Cosmo a full tutorial on how to take fire Polaroid pics. 🔥 (Pro tip: DON’T SHAKE IT!) Sabrina and her amazing photographer, her sister Sarah Carpenter share their best posing and location secrets—so get ready to level your Instagram feed wayyy up. 😏 Also, don’t forget to stream her new movie, ‘Work It’ on Netflix now!! Not all of the photos in this video are actual Polaroids, but check our Sarah's work on her IG!