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Bethenny Frankel uses this $12 'glotion' to make her skin rosy, glowy and bronzy in seconds

First Martha Stewart and now Frankel — is this illuminating tint the Hollywood secret to looking like a million bucks?

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We all love to get glammed up every once in a while, but every day? That takes commitment. And if you've got a to-do list that's a mile long, then chances are a ten-step makeup routine isn't really a top priority. If, however, you want to look like you spent a lot of time perfecting your makeup without, well, spending a lot of time, then check out the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion. We've seen Martha Stewart use it, but as it turns out Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Bethenny Frankel is also a fan. She posted a TikTok video demonstrating how she applies the product — and how she uses three different shades of the product at once to achieve the perfect rosy, glowy, bronzy complexion. Right now, the best-selling glow enhancer lotion is on sale for almost 30% off at Amazon.

This top-rated face lotion is available in four shades: Dark, Fair, Light and Medium. You can wear the glotion on its own, or you can layer it with foundation if you want extra coverage.

$14 at Amazon
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$14 at Walmart$17 at Ulta Beauty

Why is this a good deal?

Prices on beauty products fluctuate often on Amazon, but the discounts are usually in the 20% off range. Right now, the Lumi Glotion is nearly 30% off, which makes it a can't-miss deal. Heck, at less than $15, you can follow Frankel's lead and grab the glotion in a few shades.

Why do I need this?

Perhaps the better question is, how have you lived this long without this glow-enhancing face lotion? Is there anyone among us who doesn't want to look luminous and sun-kissed in just seconds? As Frankel demonstrates in her video, applying the Lumi Glotion is really as simple as squeezing some of the product onto your hands and then massaging it onto your face. Almost instantly, your complexion is completely transformed and your skin looks brighter and more radiant.

We love that you don't have to be a makeup pro to apply the L'Oreal glotion, but the lightweight formula is also a huge plus. If you hate the feel of heavy foundation that feels cakey on your skin, or even worse, emphasizes fine lines, then this lotion is worth a try. You only need a little to start and it really does feel weightless on your skin. If you want a more flushed or bronzed look, then just add a little more until you're satisfied.

loreal lumi lotion
If you want to understand the hype around this product, just search Lumi Glotion on TikTok and you'll find hundreds of videos devoted to the product, many with thousands of views.

What reviewers say

Beauty lovers on social media love the L'Oreal Lumi Glotion — and so do Amazon shoppers. The product has more than 33,000 ratings and 4.6 out of 5 stars. Many customers who've purchased the product say it really does give your skin an incredible glow.

"This stuff is amazing!" one person wrote in their review. "It's perfect for those of us who don't wear foundation, or a day when you don't feel like it. This gives me just the right amount of glow. ... It evens out my skin tone but without coverage, if that makes sense. It's very hydrating and blends beautifully."

Another Lumi lover commented, "I have been using Lumi Glotion for some time now. It gives my skin a healthy glow without looking as though I'm wearing makeup. It's great for a more casual look as it evens out my skin tone while remaining sheer. I mostly wear it for daytime activities such as yoga, hiking, etc. It's possible to look fabulous without appearing to have tried too hard!"

Though many people are very pleased with the L'Oreal glow enhancer, some have complained that it can be difficult to blend.

"I think this product is pretty OK but I think it’s kind of patchy and you have to watch your blending. Sometimes I’ll just randomly see during the day that I didn’t blend one spot and then it just looks really bad," one shopper explained.

Another added, "I got this for that glowy bronze summer look and it just looked dirty on me. The product is a little harder to blend than I expected. Under foundation, [it] is nice but alone I look like I just went swimming in mud."

Fun fact — you can use the Lumi Glotion on more than just your face. If you want to give the rest of your body a subtle glow, then apply a bit of the product to chest, collarbone and shoulders.

$13 at Amazon
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$14 at Walmart$17 at Ulta Beauty

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