Bethenny Frankel shares unfiltered underwear photo: 'This is me at 50'

Bethenny Frankel is keeping it real.

The former “Real Housewives of New York City” star shared a bikini selfie on Instagram with the hashtags #zeroglam and #zerofilter.

“If I were a 'filterer' I would have gotten rid of my lines and my dark circles, but this is me at 50,” she wrote in the caption. “Why do I mention this all the time? Because I think it’s important for young women to know that being flawed is truthful and real, and that filtering yourself into someone fictitious is actually damaging to girls’ and women’s self esteem. It’s courageous and beautiful to be real at any age.

“I realize that fake and filtered sells, but I’m happy over here with my followers who appreciate the difference,” she added.

Many fans praised her candid pic in the comments, including Paris Hilton, who commented with a fire emoji. Paul Bernon, Frankel’s fiancé, also weighed in with a heart-eyed, smiley-face emoji.

When a handful of people questioned whether Frankel had had plastic surgery, the reality star personally responded to several people in the comments section.

“I wouldn’t know...ask someone who has had it,” she replied to one person who wrote to her, “Is plastic surgery a filter?”

“I don’t have hair color in. My roots are gray & I haven’t had a haircut in a very long time,” she replied to another commenter. “I had a lift years ago Bc I had very saggy boobs since high school.”

Frankel has not been shy in the past about setting the record straight about her unfiltered selfies.

Last August, she shared the above selfie with the caption, “The more I see photos on social media that are filtered, contoured, eyelashed, extensioned, & retouched - the more important it is to post #nofilter, real, everyday photos. I want to show our daughters (and sons) a realistic female image.”

Some critics in the comments asked if she had Botox and fillers, and accused her of not sharing a “real pic.”

“No work on this face,” Frankel replied directly to one commenter, clarifying that she had “Botox injected into my jaw years ago after years of grinding and jaw muscle building and increased pain.”

She followed up by sharing another selfie in her Instagram story showing a close-up view of her forehead and mouth.

Frankel shared an unfiltered photo in her Instagram story in response to
Frankel shared an unfiltered photo in her Instagram story in response to

“This one is for the haters…..I’ve earned these lines….and no filler…look at my mouth,” she wrote in her story. “These lips don’t lie…”