The Best Ways to De-Stress If You’re an INFP (aka an Introverted Mediator)

You’re an INFP, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs types—while some people might initially write you off as shy, you have a rich, creative inner world, and you’re a hard worker and fantastic listener. But sometimes, you can take stressful interactions with friends and family so dang personally that you end up feeling isolated and self-conscious. Step away from the TV: You think differently than other Myers-Briggs types, and you need to unwind differently, too.

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1. Get a Massage

As an INFP, you tend to internalize conflict. That uncomfortable meeting with your boss two weeks ago may still be causing tension in your neck and shoulders, even if the stress of the moment has passed. INFPs love to be pampered, and are likely to find a one-hour massage delightfully meditative and restorative. (Just make sure you don’t end up with a chatty masseuse, or you might find that tension creeping up again.)

2. Take a Bath

As an INFP, you probably spend most of your day trying to accommodate other people. Whether you’re out to lunch with Aunt Shelly and her 43 food allergies or figuring out what your kid wants for his birthday (a Hatchimal drone!), you’ll quickly wind yourself into a stress pretzel trying to listen to—and meet—everyone’s needs. And because you’re an introvert, these interactions are likely to drain you…and keep draining you, until you finally get some alone time. The most relaxing way to refocus, unwind and get your energy back? Take a bubble bath, preferably with essential oils. Soaking in a warm tub and slowly breathing in the relaxing scents of lavender or rosewater will do the trick. Put at least one bath a week on your calendar and make sure that time is kept sacred.

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3. Read Poetry

You love reading, but when you’re trying to get through two self-help books, a book for work and a snooze-fest novel for book club, even one of your favorite hobbies can start to feel like a slog. So try something completely different: read a poem every day. Try reading one while you’re sipping your coffee in the morning or even while brushing your teeth. It’ll take only a couple of minutes, and you can meditate on it all day. May we suggest Edgar Allan Poe, who was also thought to be an INFP?

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