'Best Unstucker Ever': 3-Year-Old Helps 'Tow' Father's Truck

A three-year-old from Palm Coast, Florida, was over the moon at the opportunity to help “tow” his father’s truck out from a ditch on August 22.

Krista Drock captured footage of her son, Sammy, using his kid-sized electric car to pull his dad’s truck back to the family driveway (though his father is adding just enough power behind the wheel to actually get the off-road vehicle moving along).

Sammy’s father, Michael Drock, and mom Krista encourage him all the way.

Sammy is adapting to the relatively new role of big brother to his 10-month-old twin sisters, Krista said. She wanted Sammy “to have this moment to himself where he could feel like a real hero for daddy.”

“My husband had the idea a while ago to try this and we finally had the chance to give him his moment of glory,” Krista said.

Sammy certainly seems to revel in it too, with his father at one point calling him the “best unstucker ever.”

Krista was quick to add that “for anyone concerned about the safety of the situation in this video, we had complete control. Our truck was just completely serviced from hood to tailgate and is in perfect mechanical condition … My husband’s foot was on the brake the entire time.” Credit: Krista Drock via Storyful