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The 25 best unique Mother's Day gifts for a one-of-a-kind mom in 2024

From seasonal serveware to top-rated skincare, these Mother's Day gifts will stand out from the rest.

personalized pickleball bag, purple electric kettle
She's not boring, so her gift certainly shouldn't be. (Mark & Graham, Walmart)

Shopping for Mom is tough, especially when she’s the type of mom who has just about every luxury item and kitchen gadget you’ve ever seen — and especially when Mother's Day is less than a week away and you still haven't bought a gift yet. Mom might have enough throw blankets and coffee mugs to her name, but we think there are still quite a few unique and thoughtful gifts out there she’s never seen before. So we’ve taken the stress and planning out of May 12 with this round up of the most unique Mother’s Day gifts we’ve found. These products all come highly recommended, and we think they’re sure to impress any mom on your list this year.

Quick Overview
  • Bogg Bag Original Waterproof Tote Bag

    Best Mother's Day gift for beach lovers

  • Draw with Mom!: The Two-Person Doodle Book

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms with young kids

  • Solar Tealights

    Best Mother's Day gift for the mom who's ready for summer

  • Fruta Lemon Citrus Board

    Best Mother's Day gift for the hostess with the mostest

  • Farmer's Defense Gardening Sleeves

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms with green thumbs

  • CosRx All About Snail Korean Skincare

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need some self-care

  • Loftie Clock

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need some sleep

  • Remento Speech-to-Story Book

    Best Mother's Day gift for sentimental types

  • Deia Beaded Chain Bracelet

    Best Mother's Day gift for new moms

  • Morning Joy Co. Personalized Cutting Board

    Best Mother's Day gift for cooks

  • Sporty Stripe Pickleball Crossbody Bag

    Best Mother's Day gift for the mom who loves pickleball

  • Aura Carver Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

    Best Mother's Day gift for hard-to-shop-for moms

  • KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

    Best Mother's Day gift for the mom with a sweet tooth

  • Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel

    Best Mother's Day gift for the mom who needs a spa day

  • Uniqlo Round Mini Crochet Bag

    Best Mother's Day gift for the trendy (yet practical) mama

  • Newgo Cooling Gel Cold Eye Mask

    Best Mother's Day gift for the mom who needs a break

  • Superbaking Bread Proofing Basket

    Best Mother's Day gift for beginners at bread-making

  • The SaieGlow Starter Kit

    Best Mother's Day gift for beauty lovers

  • Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms who need a break

  • Beautiful 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

    Best Mother's Day gift for tea drinkers

  • Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms who love something practical

  • Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Microstripe Blanket

    Best Mother's Day gift for moms who have it all

  • Mignon and Mignon Personalized Birthstone Necklace

    Best Mother's Day gift to honor her kids

  • Pura 4 Smart Fragrance Diffuser

    Best Mother's Day gift for the tech-obsessed

  • J.Crew Factory Cotton Lady Jacket

    Best Mother's Day gift for stylish mamas

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Sure, "unique" is subjective, but one thing's for sure: This list includes the best Mother's Day gifts for all the different mother figures in your life — your mother, grandma, mother-in-law, wife, aunt, you name it. From practical buys for your pickleball-obsessed mother-in-law to custom jewelry for your wife's first Mother's Day, these presents are just as thoughtful and unique as the lady you’re shopping for.

How can I be so sure? As Yahoo's resident gifting expert, it's my job to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion, and Mother's Day is one of my specialties. And while I know most moms would be happy to receive a handwritten card or homemade meal, Mother's Day is a time to go above and beyond for the woman who makes all your days brighter. (That said, in my expert opinion, all of these presents pair nicely with a warm meal and heartfelt note.)

Personalized or practical, these Mother's Day gift ideas are bound to earn Mom's stamp of approval. Shop from this selection of bestsellers and trending picks, and see for yourself. And if you're looking for last-minute Mother's Day gifts, we've rounded those up too.

Sunnier days are ahead, which means she’ll soon be spending her weekends at the park, beach or pool. Chances are, she'll see these rubber totes everywhere. Bogg bags are the OG in a sea of imitators — they're washable, waterproof, durable and, as one five-star reviewer puts it, "the perfect mom bag."

$90 at Amazon

This doodle book is designed for two — some prompts encourage simultaneous drawing, while others have one person simply add to the other's creation. Along the way, they'll learn how the other person feels about cakes, petting zoos and everything in between. Plus, when the pages are all filled, it's a sweet memento that Mom can treasure forever.

$12 at Amazon

Now, these might just be the prettiest solar lights I've ever seen. Leave these hand-blown glass tealights in the sun all day, and then a sensor in the lid will automatically turn on the LED lights when it gets dark. Choose between whimsical white, dark blue or vibrant mint — or give her one of each so she can really light her way.

$34 at Uncommon Goods

Sensing a theme here? The start of summer isn't far behind Mother’s Day, so you might as well use the holiday to make sure she's ready for whatever the next few months bring. Like, say, romantic nights taking in the sunset or poolside hangs with loved ones? Cheeseboards are a must for both — and this acacia wood option will surely make a statement.

$28 at Anthropologie

Protect her arms from sun and scratches with these polyester sleeves, which have UPF 50-plus sun protection. And while the idea of covering up her arms might sound counterintuitive, these sleeves are made with a lightweight, breathable material that'll actually keep her cool while she's at work in her garden.

$25 at Amazon

Introduce her to the wild (and wonderful) world of snail mucin — yep, the slime snails leave behind as they move. The slimy, skin-friendly substance is said to ease sun damage and acne scars, dull wrinkles and leave behind "glass skin." This four-piece gift set, which includes a travel-size cleanser, eye cream, serum and moisturizing lotion, covers all the bases.

$20 at Amazon

I get it: She has an iPhone, so why on Earth does she need a separate alarm clock? Well, this one wakes her up twice by first bringing her out of her sleepy state, then actually bringing her to full consciousness. That's not all: It also doubles as a sound machine, speaker and nightlight because falling — and staying — asleep is half the battle.

$150 at Loftie

Put her memories in writing. Remento's speech-to-writing technology will take her weekly recordings and turn them into chapters in a hardcover book. She's in charge of her story — she'll choose the weekly prompts and upload photos to go along with it. 

$99 at Remento

Get her kids' initials engraved on an 18-karat gold vermeil or sterling silver beaded pendant. Or if she's a mom of one, go with her (forever) baby's birthday or full name.

$128 at Monica Vinader

She may already have a wooden cutting board, but does she have one engraved with her favorite recipe? Didn't think so. Take a photo of any handwritten recipe — her's, her mom's, her grandma's or another family member's — and submit it with your order, and this Etsy maker will carve it into a maple, cherry or walnut board.

$52 at Etsy

Now that she’s proven her pickleball hobby is here to stay, show your support by picking up this crossbody (available in magenta, green, white and navy) so she can carry paddles and balls from the car to the court in style. Add her initials for an extra $12.50.

$119 at Mark & Graham

It's hard to sum up your relationship in a single photo. Instead of framing one moment, send a bunch of your favorites from your phone, iCloud account or Google Photos straight to this digital frame. Its storage is unlimited, which she'll certainly be happy to hear.

$149 at Amazon

If she already has a KitchenAid, she doesn’t need another countertop appliance (looking at you, Ninja Creami) to make homemade ice cream. Just secure this special bowl to the mixer, fill it with the ingredients of your choice and let it work its magic. Enjoy up to 2 quarts of ice cream in under 30 minutes.

$76 at Amazon

Baby feet are a distant memory at this point — that is, until she uses this lavender-scented foot peel. It'll take at least five days for the dead skin to slough off, but when it does, she'll be amazed that her feet were that dry in the first place. "My heels get thick, deep callouses that crack and bleed. There's never been a pedi that did what this has done for me, and at half the price," wrote one shopper with very happy feet.

$25 at Amazon

She's not a regular mom; she's a cool mom. For that very reason, she needs the season's "it" bag, which is essentially a summery version of the Uniqlo favorite. Several shoppers wear it as a crossbody when they want to be hands-free.

$30 at Uniqlo

Whether her job requires her to be in front of a computer or she's susceptible to migraines, she'll put this chillable eye mask to good use. Pop it in the freezer or refrigerator to alleviate pain or reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. It can also be used as a warm compress — just heat it up in the microwave to soothe dry, tired eyes and styes.

$8 at Amazon

Come to think of it, her bread-making journey is a lot like sourdough; it needs a lot of support at the start. If she's toying around with the idea of making sourdough from scratch, then this starter kit — which, ironically enough, doesn't come with a sourdough starter — has everything she needs: a bread bowl, scoring lame, dough whisk, plastic brush, scrapers and easy-to-follow recipes.

$30 at Amazon

She counts on you to introduce her to the latest and greatest in beauty. Have you introduced her to this ultra-trendy clean beauty brand yet? If not, snag this limited-edition Saie starter kit, complete with the brand's beloved all-over luminizer, liquid blush and high-shine lip gloss oil.

$42 at Saie

We could all use a reminder to stop and smell the roses. And since she doesn't have a ton of extra time on her hands, this journal is ideal. It only calls for five minutes a day — a couple minutes before she gets up and some time before bed to reflect on her day. The dates aren’t fixed, so it's also fine if she misses a day or two … which will inevitably happen.

$22 at Amazon

A watched kettle never boils. This one, however, defies the odds and can boil 7 cups in less than seven minutes — all with a switch of a button. It's made for tea drinkers since it has adjustable temperature settings for green, white, black or oolong tea.

$40 at Walmart

There’s a reason — OK, many reasons — why Birkenstocks have stood the test of time. There’s the contoured footbed, soft leather upper and adjustable buckles, to name a few. "I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis and lingering heel pain for over a year. This is the first pair of shoes that I have put on in a long time that immediately feel comfortable and do not seem to aggravate the sore spot in my heel," one shopper gushed.

$145 at Zappos

Barefoot Dreams blankets are the cream of the crop. Why? Well, they're made with an ultra-soft knit that is the epitome of luxury. Pick this blanket up in one of four colors at Nordstrom Rack — for more than half off its original price!

$70 at Nordstrom Rack

If time is on your side, customize a gold, silver or rose gold-plated necklace with the birthstones of her children or grandchildren. You can only add up to six birthstones, so it works best for smaller families. 

$24 at Amazon

A smart fragrance diffuser is the Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving. Once the device is plugged in, she can sync it with the app to adjust fragrance intensity, set timers and schedules, and switch between different scents. Build a starter set with two scents from Nest New York, LAFCO, Capri Blue (yep, that one from Anthropologie) and more. 

$50 at Pura

This timeless style is having a moment right now. With gold button details, feminine hues and a boxy fit, this collarless cardigan is the perfect piece to throw on over plain t-shirts or sundresses in the warmer months. It's available in black, tan or this spring-ready lavender.

$69 at J.Crew Factory

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