The Best Twitter Reactions to 'Mulan' on Disney+

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Photo credit: Disney
Photo credit: Disney


This weekend, viewers across the globe will be watching the live-action Mulan on Disney+. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been several delays on the road to the movie's theatrical opening. But Disney+ subscribers can now watch the female-fronted action film from the comfort of their own home for $29.99.

Prior to Mulan's release, the movie faced a fair share of controversy. Some were dismayed when news broke that beloved songs from the 1998 animated film wouldn't be included. Others bristled at a live-action Mulan without the characters of Mushu or Li Shang. And the film's lead star—Chinese actress Liu Yifei, who also goes by Crystal Liusparked controversy for comments she made in August 2019 when she posted in support of Hong Kong police. The message on her Weibo account (that's since been deleted) came amid the city's pro-democracy protests against police brutality.

Alas, the movie is still highly-anticipated and offers a re-imagining of a Disney classic. While some have vowed to wait for December 4 (when the movie becomes free for Disney+ subscribers), others are diving right into the viewing experience. One major takeaway: the movie's visuals and themes of independence are making social media emotional.

Ahead, some early reactions to the live-action Mulan.

Way back in March, prior to COVID-19's shutdown of theaters, some critics and fans got to see Mulan. Here are a few of their early takeaways:

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