Tell Us Which Young Actor Gave Such An Award-Worthy Performance You Can't Stop Thinking About It

There are a lot of veteran actors out there who give an amazing performance time and time again. Honestly, who doesn't love sitting down to a movie or show starring an actor you've loved for a long time?

woman holding a large binder and looking off to the side
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But, today I want to talk about the young actors. The ones who bust into a TV show or movie and are SO talented and so good that you just can't stop talking about them and you think they deserved an award for the performance.

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Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix / Everett Collection

Maybe you're like me and you often think about how absolutely amazing Noah Schnapp was in Stranger Things Season 2. Like, he made me sob and I still think it's one of the biggest awards season snubs.

Noah's character yelling, Let me go!

Perhaps you often think back to Mckenna Grace in Gifted and you're still amazed how an 11-year-old could upstage Chris Evans AND Octavia Spencer, but she really did THAT.

Mckenna's character crying and telling an adult, Please, Frank. Why are you leaving me?
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Maybe your favorite young acting performance is from a more recent movie, like Jenna Ortega's work in the newest Scream, which made you love her even more and now you cannot wait for the sequel.

Jenna's character crying and saying, the police are on their way, asshole
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Heck, maybe you're someone who looks at the entire cast of This Is Us and you believe with absolute certainty that Lyric Ross gave one of the best performances as Deja and you can't wait to watch her career take off.

Lyric in This is Us talking to her dad in the car

So, tell us which young actors have given the BEST performances in either a TV show or movie and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!