This is the best Trader Joe’s find under $5

Taylor Rock

At Trader Joe’s, there’s no lack of products that people love, and many of them are affordable. Like, $5 and under affordable. But the best budget-friendly find at this fan-favorite grocery store isn’t something you can eat or drink. It’s skin care.

Always Buy These 15 Items at Trader Joe’s

While some items like overnight masks and moisturizers run a bit over the $5 mark, you can get a dermatologist-formulated microdermabrasion scrub for just $4.99. It’s made with finely ground pumice, plant-based glycerin, botanical extracts and seed oils from sunflower, jojoba, candlenut seed and more. Something similar might cost you double at the drugstore.

TJ's micellar cleanser towelettes are another great find. These soft, natural-fiber cloths help remove makeup and other impurities with a hypoallergenic, micellar cleansing solution made from plant extracts. A pack of 20 costs just $3.99.

Beyond skin care, Trader Joe’s offers plenty of options for shoppers looking to save where they can. From bottles of wine to trendy acai bowls and more, these are the 25 best Trader Joe’s finds for under $5.

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