This is the best Trader Joe’s frozen food item

Taylor Rock

Every year, customers vote for their favorite Trader Joe’s products, from entrees and sweet treats to beverages and snacks. But time and time again, one food in particular never fails to rise above the rest. The most-loved frozen grocery item at the chain is Cauliflower Gnocchi.

Always Buy These 15 Items at Trader Joe’s

According to the results of Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards for 2020, Cauliflower Gnocchi is the No. 2 overall favorite grocery item, second only to Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend — the chain’s famous mix of sesame and poppy seeds, dried garlic and onion and sea salt.

When you break it down, Cauliflower Gnocchi — a gluten-free, low-calorie alternative to the Italian pasta dish — is considered the most popular product from the frozen aisle. Though it was edged out by frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken in the “entree” category, the Mandarin Orange Chicken was only voted No. 3 overall.

Can’t decide between the chicken and gnocchi? You don’t need to. Both cost under $5 each. And while you’re in the freezer aisle, make sure to check out the whole selection of the very best frozen food items at Trader Joe’s.

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