These Are the Best 'Top Gun' Costume Ideas for Halloween This Year

Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer

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IT'S NO secret dressing as Top Gun for Halloween is a classic costume go-to, but this year dressing like Maverick, Goose, or Rooster is not only easy but also time relevant. The only thing that could go wrong dressing as Top Gun for Halloween is a poorly made costume. Want to know how to really nail that Top Gun look this year? Go with more authentic garments instead of buying a cheap costume.

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Top Gun costumes consist of timeless military and men's style essentials—blue jeans, flight jackets, Hawaiian shirts, work boots, great sunglasses—so why not buy the good stuff and keep it around for wearing past Halloween? If anything, a Top Gun gives you a solid excuse to purchase a new pair of Ray-Bans or Tecovas to wear year-round!

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To help you avoid a total costume failure we've pulled together the best Top Gun Halloween costume ideas that will make you look like a million bucks. Read about our two costumes ideas for Maverick, then check out our costume ideas for Goose or Rooster!

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Maverick Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

Dressing as Maverick in his flight suit is the easiest Top Gun Halloween costume. It's also the most comfortable. All you need is the jump suit, a set of patches, aviators, and military boots. There are a few quality Top Gun flight suits out there you can buy with the patches already on them, however if you're really wanting to DIY the look we recommend going with a pair of ultra-durable Dickies coveralls and ironing on a few custom patches from Etsy.

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As far as the shades and boots you can purchase affordable styles in each catagory, or you can pick a more elevated style like a pair of Ray-Ban aviators and a pair of all-black Belleville boots (Tom Cruise was specifically spotted wearing Bellevilles while on set for Top Gun: Maverick).

Maverick Bomber and Flight Jacket Costume

With Maverick's casual outfits you can go one of two routes. The first is by wearing his brown leather G-1 pilot jacket. Cockpit USA actually makes an authentic reproduction G-1 jacket with Top Gun patches sew on. It's expensive, but it's also a jacket that will truly last you for years. However if the authentic jacket is too much then Party City's pilot jacket will do the job just fine. Style the pilot jacket with a white t-shirt with blue jeans.

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The second look you can do is go with a green nylon bomber jacket, which is an outfit Tom Cruise more commonly wore in Top Gun: Maverick. Alpha Industries actually did a collaboration this summer with Top Gun and produced a copy-cat green bomber jacket. So you can use that high-quality bomber and pair it with a black tee, jeans, and brown cowboy boots (think of the scene of him riding the motorcycle with Jennifer Connelly on the back of it).

Rooster or Goose Top Gun Costume

Goose and Rooster are two entirely different characters but when it comes to dressing they are nearly one and the same. What's cool about this Top Gun costume idea is you can do either character and go to your Halloween party with a Maverick, or you can have a father son combo with Goose and Rooster. One can dress as Miles Teller (Rooster) and the other as Anthony Edwards (Goose).

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When dressing either of these two characters, you can match Maverick's military jumpsuit look by snagging a pair of Dickies coveralls and ironing on some custom made Etsy patches. You can also put together the iconic Hawaiian shirt and jeans outfit Goose and Rooster both wear.

If you go the Hawaiian shirt route you can really play up Rooster by snagging a ribbed white tank and some authentic aviator sunglasses (Miles Teller reportedly wears the Ray-Ban Caravan in Top Gun: Maverick). There's actually a shop making the exact same Hawaiian shirt Miles Teller wears when he's doing the "Great Balls of Fire" scene. For Goose, go with a blue Hawaiian shirt. This shirt from Duvin is stylish enough to go right into your summer wardrobe.

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Tthe most important piece to your Goose or Rooster costume? The mustache. Growing one would be quite authentic but a prop one works just as good (and is a lot more fun to wear if you ask us).

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