The Best Tongue Cleaner to Freshen Your Breath

Martin Lerma

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Oral hygiene doesn’t have to stop with a good toothbrush. Yes, the classic bristled instrument is undoubtedly an essential for keeping your enamel in check, but teeth aren’t your mouth’s only occupants. The tongue––a surprisingly powerful muscle crucial to speech, digestion and taste perception––needs some TLC, too. And if you’re someone who struggles with bad breath, all the more so.

A tongue cleaner could be the answer. Specialized tools, tongue cleaners are designed to scrape the textured surface of the tongue––those little bumps are called papillae––in order to remove excess odor-causing bacteria and other debris. A great dedicated cleaner can pick up where your normal brushing leaves off by sloughing away bad bacteria more effectively.

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Even if you already brush three times a day and floss with the best of them, adding a tongue cleaner will take your routine to the next level. Here are our top four picks available on Amazon.

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