The Best Thing I Tried This Week Is This Butt-Flattering Denim Midi Skirt

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I wore it for five days in a row.

<p>Pistola / Instyle</p>

Pistola / Instyle

In high school, I refused to wear the same outfit (nay, the same piece) in a single week. My looks always had to be different, and it was my own little silly rule that I had to wait at least seven days before wearing said staple again. Looking back on it now, it was a rather petty move; no one would have realized that I was, in fact, wearing the same thing, but I didn’t want to be an “outfit repeater” — so I wasn’t.

Now, I think the biggest indicator of how amazing a piece is is just how often you wear it. If I wear a pair of pants every single day, you can best bet I do so because they’re simply the best (ahem, looking at your Spanx Perfect Pants). But this story isn’t about pants — I’ve told that one before. Instead, this story is about a skirt named Alice that won my heart so much that I couldn’t help but wear it five days in a row. Yes, it’s that good, and yes, it’s so versatile it worked for every occasion I had planned for an entire week.

The skirt that won my heart is from Pistola, a denim brand you need to add to your to-check-out list ASAP. I own a few things from the label, and as you’d expect, everything is *chef’s kiss,* but nothing beats its famous Alice skirt that will likely sell out. Mark my words. It has everything you want in a denim midi and nothing you don’t, making it pure perfection. And I don’t use that word lightly.

Pistola Alice Midi Skirt, Maui



The Pistola midi is made from a 100 percent, move-with-you cotton that’s sturdy yet slightly stretchy, giving it that retro rigidity that people love as well as a little bit of give that some need (like me!). Its silhouette is slightly longer than other midis you might have seen, so much so that it might even enter maxi territory, but I think that depends on your height. Its relaxed fit gives off cool-girl vibes to a T, plus that fashionable, sexy, but functional front slit ensures that you can walk freely — without feeling like every step you take is limited. See, I told you it’s perfect. Best of all? There’s some sort of butt-lifting magic sewn into it, because whenever I wear it, my booty looks good.

I’ve worn my Alice skirt with everything from chunky striped sweaters while scooting around D.C. with my fiancé to tall black boots and a fitted bodysuit for a night out with friends to white sneakers and a simple tee for a busy office day. It can be worn in so many ways, and I received so many compliments on it. You see why I simply couldn't stop wearing it?

The Alice midi is available in various washes (though I have the true blue maui style that I’m a big fan of), as well as in sizes 24 to 33, though some are already out of stock (I warned you!). Shop it below and get ready to wear it on repeat.

Pistola Alice Midi Skirt, Skylark



Pistola Alice Mid Skirt, Illuminating



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