The Best Sweatpants for Running, Yoga, the Gym, or Just Chilling at Home

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The Best Sweatpants for Runners

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There once was a time when the best sweatpants were whatever pair you were wearing, but these days, brand offerings are not only comfortable but stylish. This is especially true for fitness-oriented sweatpants with elements like techy fabrics and restriction-free designs. But choosing a great set of sweats among the many possibilities is easier said than done. To that end, below you’ll find expert insight into the best sweatpants for 2024, whether for running, stretching, hitting the gym, or simply lounging at home.

The Best Sweatpants

What to Consider


In the sweatpants of yore, cotton reigned supreme. While that’s still a fine option, materials like polyester and nylon have become heavy competition. If you plan on working out in your sweats, opt for those light, breathable, and sweat-wicking synthetics. We’re not saying you should disregard cotton completely, but you may want to consider fabrics that are more fitness-oriented in terms of their moisture-wicking and breathability if that’s what you have in mind.

Also keep in mind that cotton and synthetics tend to come with their particular durability issues. Cotton can stretch and fade quickly, and low-quality cotton can pill after a few washes. Thinner polyester can also pill, but it better retains color and shape after laundering it.


There’s a time and place for baggy sweatpants, but there are more options for different scenarios these days. The classic baggy style is great for lounging on recovery days. Tapered cuts, often called joggers, typically sport a tailored look, and many runners prefer them for workouts because of their more streamlined fit.

You can get most sweatpants—tapered or not—in a relaxed cut. We’ve found that a relaxed and tapered pair often hits the sweet spot between being form-fitting at the ankles and roomy in the leg.

You may also want to consider the cuffs. Some sweatpants have elastic cuffs, offering taper to your ankles and preventing them from stacking at the shoe.


The interior length of your pants, from the crotch down to the hem, is known as the inseam. You may want to lean toward shorter inseams for sweats. Shorter inseams can be better for running and physical activity as they reduce the amount of excess fabric that gets in your way. Longer inseams can be great for lazy lounge days, but cause bunching at the ankles that inhibit running (and can get wet on a rainy day).

How We Selected

As a lifelong runner, gym enthusiast, and occasional layabout, I’ve worn plenty of sweatpants in plenty of scenarios. And having spent the majority of my life in the often-chilly Pacific Northwest, the warmth and coverage of sweatpants are essential, whether I’m running on a cold February evening or trying to keep cozy at home. Beyond this lived experience, I’ve also tested scores of sweats from an extremely wide range of brands over the past few months to get a firsthand look at the latest on the market. To verify the quality of my recommendations, I compared them against reviews from other experts and customer reviews at retailers like REI and Amazon to ensure that these indeed are the best sweatpants, whether lounging or running, in 2024.

Active Sweatpants

True Classic’s sweatpants are super soft, warm, stretchy, and sport a tailored fit. That slim fit makes them look decently composed, whether you’re out running errands, in yoga class, or hitting the gym. And speaking of working out, they have plenty of room for movement and they’re moisture-wicking to keep you comfy when you warm up.

These took our best overall spot because they do pretty everything right. Buyers overwhelmingly praise their comfort, warmth, and style, noting that they’re both great for physical activity and cozy for relaxing.

They also hit the Goldilocks spot in terms of price, offering better quality than cheaper sweats with the look and fit of pricier options. In other words, they do pretty much everything you could want of a great pair of sweatpants.

True Classic is a men’s-specific brand, but there’s really no reason people of any gender can’t wear these sweats and find them comfortable.

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Active Sweatpants



The Champion Joggers are a great option when shopping on a budget because while most lower-cost sweatpants tend to be overly baggy, these have elasticized ankle cuffs for a tailored, form-fitting look.

They’re also plenty soft and warm, and move well while running or working out. The waistband is thick and flat against the body for added support, too, though some note that it rolls over onto itself when used for fitness.

They come in a slew of colors and big and tall sizes, as well as men’s and women’s cuts.

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License to Train Jogger Sweatpants

Designed for training, the License to Train joggers from Lululemon provide plenty of comfort and mobility. The fabric is abrasion- and water-resistant, and its tapered cut makes it stylish enough to wear in a casual office setting.

It has three zippered pockets, a center-back hoop for hanging in your gym locker, plus drawstrings that can be worn inside or outside of its waistband. The added bonus of three inseam lengths also gives it a wide range of fits, with shorter options for training or running and longer inseams for anyone taller.

The women’s version is high-rise, sitting just below the belly button on most people.

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Align Jogger Sweatpants

The Align Joggers from Lululemon seem like they were created in a lab specifically for yoga. Our tester (my runner wife) says they’re so lightweight that it’s like wearing nothing at all. The fabric is incredibly soft and feels wonderful on the skin.

Breathable and sweat-wicking, they’re perfect for hot yoga. Hidden pockets with card sleeves allow you to carry a few essentials. And they look fantastic. They deliver everything you want to wear to yoga class.

We also love that they come in sizes up to 20, but there’s no men’s version of these joggers.

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Trackhouse Sweatpants

The heavyweight cotton blend of the Trackhouse sweatpants from Tracksmith provides the thick, cozy warmth you want on a cold day, whether covering up post-run or just relaxing indoors.

They’re incredibly comfortable, with a relaxed fit that doesn’t lapse into baggy. The reverse-weave cotton not only feels delightful on the skin, but helps to prevent shrinkage over time. And the eye-catching color options that change seasonally are uniquely tasteful. These are outstanding winter warm-ups in every way.

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Mercury Run Jogger

These sweatpants are incredibly comfortable, but more importantly, they’re secure. Without squeezing too tight, they fit snugly on the hips because of the wide waistband, which also has a spacious phone pocket on the back. There are also zippered pockets on the sides, and one includes a small clip for stashing your keys on a run.

I’ve been running in these all winter and I’ve never gotten cold—even on sub-freezing days—and they’re roomy enough to comfortably wear a base layer beneath. In short, they’re my favorite running sweatpants, and I have to remind myself not to wear them for lounging so they’ll be clean when I need them for runs.

Unfortunately, they only come in sizes XS through XXL for women’s and S through XL for men’s.

– Zoë Hannah

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