The Best Summer Songs of 2023

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The Best Summer Songs of 2023Esquire

What’s better than a summer music playlist? When the weather gets warm and the days begin to blend together, you know it’s time to shift your playlist into high gear. After all, a good song has the power to turn any situation into a party. Even if you have to work this summer (as many of us do), flooding your headphones with a mix of pop, hip-hop, and indie rock will carry you to 5 P.M. when you can actually enjoy the outdoors.

This year, Esquire will help you get the good vibes flowing with a mix of offerings from favorites such as Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus, and Lil Yachty, along with tracks from newcomers Lola Brooke and Flow. There’s plenty more to explore—so, without further ado, here are the 15 best songs of the summer so far. Take a listen, and prepare for brighter days.

Troye Sivan, “Rush”

Troye Sivan’s new single is a blood-pumping whirlwind. Over the course of three minutes, he sings about the euphoric moment when you fancy someone new. Think of it like a head rush, in music form.

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Flyana Boss, “You Wish”

If you haven't heard of Flyana Boss yet, prepare to meet your next favorite rap group. This duo may be new to the industry, but don't be fooled—their bars are expertly crafted. Take "You Wish," for example. It'd a rhythmic track that's equal parts clever and catchy.

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Kaytranada & Amine "4Ever"

Leave it to Kaytranada and Amine to make the grooviest track of the year. "4Ever" is a synthesized hit that will keep you moving all summer long. Seriously—try listening to this while sitting down. I dare you.

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Rosalia & Rauw Alejandro, "Beso"

This one is for lovers. "Beso" is Rosalia's latest melodic hit, which she also used to launch her relationship with Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro. A song about—and for—love? It doesn't get much better than that.

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David Guetta, Anne-Marie, Coi Le Ray, "Don’t Hurt Me"

What is a summertime playlist without at least one throwback? "Don't Hurt Me" is DJ David Guetta's revamped take on Haddaway's hit song "What is Love." Guetta's version gives the track an electrified twist, so press play and party like it's 1993.

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Lola Brooke, “Just Relax”

Lola Brooke's “Just Relax” samples the 90s hit “This or That” by Black Sheep. In her version, Brooke transforms the classic into an equally fun track for the next generation of hip-hop lovers. With an irresistible beat and clever lyrics, “Just Relax” is the perfect song to get people moving. Play at your next party and see what happens.

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Fifty Fifty, "Cupid"

"Cupid" is the perfect soundtrack for a warm summer afternoon. With a saccharine beat and equally dreamy lyrics, the new track is positively irresistible. It's no wonder the new K-pop group is taking the world by storm.

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Niall Horan, "Meltdown"

Niall Horan's latest single "Meltdown" is a punchy ode to self-perseverance. When life gets tough, Horan reminds us to relax and let the universe lead the way. It's sage advice wrapped up in a groovy beat. What more could you want?

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Miley Cyrus, "Rose Colored Lenses"

Miley Cyrus invites you to imagine your ideal romantic fantasy in "Rose Colored Lenses." Whether you're in a relationship or not, this idyllic track will make you feel like the star of a rom-com. Lyrics like, "We could stay like this forever, lost in wonderland," evoke an idyllic alternate universe where love is all you need. I don't know about you but that sounds pretty nice to me.

PinkPantheress & Ice Spice "Boys A Liar Pt.2"

PinkPantheress and Ice Spice's viral hit "Boys A Liar Pt.2" is a cheeky hit that will stick with you all summer long. Do you need to vent about a flakey ex or stifiled summer fling? Put this track on and let the music-duo do the hard work for you.

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Muna, "One That Got Away"

This song is the musical equivalent of a glow-up. In “One That Got Away” Muna celebrates being someone their ex will always think about. The next time you find yourself lamenting a failed fling, play this track and be grateful you’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

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Lil Yachty, “Running out of Time”

"Running Out of Time" is a groovy departure from Lil Yachty's typical sound. Let the song's intoxicating bass carry you into a psychedelic dreamscape. It's quite the journey.

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Boygenius, "$20"

Lucy Dacus, Pheobe Bridgers, and Julien Baker teamed up to create $20, an angsty ode to belt from your car. Come for their expertly crafted melodies and stay for Bridgers screaming "I know you have $20 dollars."

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Flo (Ft. Missy Elliott), "Fly Girl"

Everyones favorite new girl group Flo teamed up with Hip-Hop legend Missy Elliott to create "Fly Girl." The track, which is inspired by one of Missy's own classic raps, is the perfect feel-good anthem for your next backyard barbeque. Listen to "Fly Girl" and remember anyone can be flossy with the right attitude.

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The Weeknd, "Double Fantasy"

"Double Fantasy" is here to prove that music made for TV shows can actually be good. The track was created for the singer's new HBO series, The Idol, but its synthesized beat practically begs for a spot on your night-out playlist. Turn this one on, and set the mood for a perfect summer night out.

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