The best special offers on Valentine’s Day champagne, cava, crémant and English sparkling wine

Champagne now vies with the top English sparkling wines at the higher-end of the price range
Champagne now vies with the top English sparkling wines at the higher-end of the price range - getty

Is it unromantic to seek out a bargain bubbly for Valentine’s Day? Absolutely not! I rarely, if ever, buy fizz that is not on some sort of deal and, really, if you are going to the effort of getting the best value, rather than dashing into a shop to grab the nearest bottle, isn’t that a sign that you care? I like to think so.

I’ve made it easy here with my pick of the current sparklers on offer, and I’ve covered most bases. I’ve left out prosecco, though, which in the face of stiff competition increasingly looks like a big-bash bubbly, not one for a special occasion. Instead, turn to France’s crémant and Spain’s cava which are both made in the same meticulous, bottle-aged method as champagne (the méthode traditionnelle), unlike prosecco, and can deliver really impressive results. There are three below currently at a very fair tenner each.

At the luxury end, champagne now vies with the top English sparkling wines (also made in the traditional method) and the price tags of both can, of course, raise eyebrows. Trawling through the current deals, there’s a stand-out fine champagne and one of the best-known English labels on keen offers at the moment. Either would be highly desirable.

Just don’t match them – or any dry sparklers for that matter – with sweet dishes or (worse) chocolate. Most sparkling wine is ‘brut’ which means dry or nearly so. Sugary food overwhelms its delicate flavours and makes it taste nastily sour. Switch to a proper pudding wine like Bordeaux’s sauternes, or if you want to stick with bubbles, I’ve got a honeyed and frothy match for lighter desserts below.

Try these...

The Best Crémant de Limoux Rosé NV, France

12%, Morrisons, £12 down to £10 until February 14

Pink fizz made in the champagne method from a blend of white grapes chardonnay and chenin blanc with a dollop of red pinot noir, aged in the bottle for 12 months. There’s an appealing creamy, strawberry-yoghurt character here though it ends dry and fresh. Good value.


Segura Viudas Cava Brut 2021, Penedes, Spain

12%, Tesco, £12 down to £10 for Clubcard holders until February 14

Premium cava brings all the qualities I look for – green apple tanginess, a toasty, even savoury note, lifted and dry finish. Try this with lightly smoked salmon or a plate of fine jamon (it can take saltiness well). It’s a smart bottle too, though it’s on the heavy side.


Cuvée Royale Crémant de Limoux Brut NV, France

12.5%, Waitrose, £13.99, down to £9.99 until February 27

Eye-catching offer on a consistently well-made crémant, another one from the Limoux region of south-west France. Quite rounded and rich in flavour, with baked apples, lemon curd and toasty brioche notes, it’s best enjoyed with light savoury pastries – vol au vents or mini mushroom quiches would be fab.


Heidsieck & Co Champagne Monopole ‘Gold Top’ 2018, France

12.5%, Majestic, £33.99 or £28.99 as part of mixed six, down to £24.99 mixed six price until February 15

If you’re after a classic vintage champagne at a great price this week, make it this one. Heidsieck & Co is one of the 24 ‘Grandes Marques’ (rough translation = ‘big name’) champagne houses and Gold Top is its long-aged wine, which slumbers in bottle for over ten years on its lees, emerging with delicious almond and citrus oil, cream and a buttery roundness. Chill for luxury seafood, especially scallops or lobster.


Nyetimber Classic Cuvée NV, West Sussex, England

12%, Majestic, £42.99 or £38.99 as part of mixed six, down to £28.99 mixed six price until February 26 ; Marks & Spencer, £39, down to £29 until February 26; Waitrose, £39.99, down to £29.99 until February 27

A flurry of offers on an iconic English sparkler which was on fine form at a recent tasting. Made from the three champagne grapes (chardonnay and pinot noir and pinot meunier), and aged for at least 36 months on its lees, it has complex layers of tea biscuit, vanilla, citrus and a wisp of red berries. Zingy refreshing finish with clean acidity. An ace aperitif.


Extra Special Asti, Piedmont, Italy

7%, Asda, £7 with 25% off any three Extra Special bottles until February 14

Don’t expect great finesse here but for a fun, frivolous, honey-laced glass of froth, this Asti is an absolute steal. There’s a gentle peachy fruitiness and its sweetness is balanced with lip-smacking acidity. The one to chill for light desserts including fresh fruit salads, sorbets and meringue-based puddings.

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