The Best-Smelling Laundry Detergents, From Le Labo’s Santal 33 To Capri Blue’s Volcano

Maggie Griswold
·1 min read

If there’s one thing I will never understand, it’s the fact that my parents use scent-less laundry detergent. Growing up, it felt like a treat to do laundry at my grandma’s house, where she used products that smelled amazing—making me excited to wear my clean clothes. So, as an adult, it only makes sense that I’m constantly on the hunt for the best-smelling laundry detergent. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up with clothes that smelled like the dryer itself, or perhaps I’m just a sucker for smelling amazing. Either way, I’ve decided to dub laundry detergents the new perfume—So let’s go find your new ~signature scent.~

Doing laundry—especially if you have...

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