The Best Slip-On Shoes for Men

Have a sec to talk about slip-on shoes? There’s a lot to rave about when it comes to this uber-convenient style of footwear. Indeed, it’ll take you longer to read this sentence than it will to slide a pair on both feet. And that’s what we love the most about these versatile shoes. What to Consider When Shopping for Slip-On Shoes When we talk about slip-on shoes, we’re actually describing a feature more than a specific style of shoe. Any of the following categories could technically be a slip-on: pool slides and penny loafers, Chelsea boots and Crocs, boat shoes and skate sneakers. Basically any pair of kicks that you can slip your feet into without lacing, buckling, strapping, or Velcro-ing qualifies. Whether you’re throwing on a casual fit or dressing up to a more formal dress code, there’s a slip-on shoe for any occasion. With so many varieties available, you could live the rest of your days without ever having to tie shoelaces again. And that's something to celebrate. Here are our top picks for men’s slip-on shoes to work into your footwear rotation. The Best Slip-On Shoes for Men