The Best Skincare Fridges to Store Your Products and Keep Them Cool

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When your first start building your skincare collection, it's best to start with the necessities, including a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and of course, an SPF. One item I recently invested in is a skincare fridge that perfectly fits on my bathroom countertop. (I live in an apartment, so smaller items are a must for me.) I knew that I wouldn't be able to fit all of my products in the fridge (and not all of them will benefit from being chilled), so I consulted Gina Marí, a celebrity esthetician based in Beverly Hills, to learn more about what she stashes in her own fridge. "I personally love keeping some of my products in the refrigerator, especially products that are meant to cool and soothe or help manage puffiness," Marí explains.

Marí keeps her Jade rollers and guasha tools in the refrigerator. "The cooling effect will increase circulation and help with lymphatic drainage," she explains. She also keeps sheet masks (specifically for your eyes) in the compact appliance. "The cooler temperature will decrease the flow of liquid to the area resulting in a soothing effect that will reduce puffiness and calm inflammation," Marí notes. When the temperatures rise, Marí also likes to store spray toners and facial mists for a refreshing boost to the complexion. She also says you can put cream-based products that oxidize quickly in your fridge but be sure to put the goods back in your refrigerator right after you apply them. "Constant changes in temperature will do more harm than good to these formulations," she notes.

Here are four stylish options to consider for your bathroom. They're available at several different price points with plenty of top-rated reviews and are all effective at keeping your tools and products chilled.

Best Skincare Fridge for Maximum Storage

This beautiful fridge measures 9 X 12 X 13 inches with a 5-liter capacity. It features a temperature display, LED light, and even a section to organize your sheet masks. It's available in three colors: strawberry, vanilla (pictured), and mint, and also comes in a different design for $80. One buyer gives the fridge a 5-star rating and raves that it's "adorable and so well-made." They add that, "It's the perfect size and design for all my serums, essences, eye patches, face masks, etc."

Buy It: FaceTory Skincare Fridge ($100, originally $130, FaceTory)

Best Skincare Fridge for Travel

There are a few great features that help this option stand out from the rest. First, it can be powered through an outlet or with a USB charger (in case you need to take your cooled goods on the go or even want to use it as a cooler for drinks). It's available in six color options and measures 10.2 X 8 X 10.5 inches. The ultra-popular refrigerator has a nearly perfect 5-star rating from more than 18,000 buyers, with many reviewers noting how lightweight it is.

Buy It: Cooluli Mini Fridge (from $42, Amazon)

Best Skincare Fridge for Affordability

This retro fridge is perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your bathroom. It measures 10 X 7 X 10.5 inches and is available in seven colors. One 5-star buyer writes that they're "thrilled" with their new purchase and adds, "Its size and temperature are absolutely perfect for storing my serums and creams, and even my sheet masks, with no danger of them absorbing 'food smells' as they can when stored in a regular refrigerator."

Buy It: Frigidaire Portable Retro Mini Fridge ($32, originally $40, Walmart)

Best Skincare Fridge for Small Spaces

If you are short on space, try out this sleek white and rose gold fridge that's 10 X 8 X 11 inches. The lightweight option has several compartments to organize your products. One pleased purchaser gives the refrigerator 5 stars and writes, "I keep all of my skincare items in this [as it's the] perfect size. I love it!"

Buy It: Flawless by Finishing Touch Flawless Beauty Fridge ($60, Ulta)