"Who Is The Best Skier On The Mountain?"- Tahoe Pros Answer

Photo: Palisades Tahoe
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Keeping with the rules of the game of GNAR (invented right in Tahoe at Sq*aw, now known as Palisades), on Friday, a multitude of pro skiers reported that they are the best skier on the mountain.

The Palisades Tahoe media team asked Travis Ganong, Amie Engerbretson, Connery Lundin, Daron Rahlves, Bryce Bennett, Michelle Parker, and Cody Townsend "who's the best skier on the mountain?"

Travis, Amie, Connery, Daron, and Bryce took their 250 points and proudly told the camera, "me," in one form or another.

Daron Rahlves took things a step further, confidently claiming, "the best skier on the mountain? You're looking at him!"

Rahlves is a freeskier with a racing background, giving him impeccable technique on (and off) the snow. He has appeared in ski movies The Dream Factory (2012) and Light The Wick (2011), among others.

Not every pro skier was so outright: Michelle Parker and Cody Townsend took more gracious, albeit slightly less humorous, approaches to their answers.

Michelle wisely said she thinks "the best skier on the mountain is the one having the most fun." Second to that is her mom.

Cody served up a slice of humble pie when he proclaimed, "I am not the best skier on the mountain. Probably never was, either."

He did endorse his two-year-old son as "going to be" the best skier on the mountain, by March.

What do you think, is a grom going to out-ski you at Palisades Tahoe this winter? Are we going to see Cody's mini-me pole-whacking at the top of Chimney Sweep?

It is Cody Townsend's kid, so it wouldn't completely shock me.

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