The Best Self-Care Rituals for the Eclipse and Eclipse Season

Self-Care Rituals for the Eclipse & Eclipse Season

It's that time again; eclipse season is back, which is why the vibe has been off, and you keep waking up with a headache. Eclipses arrive in pairs, with a solar and lunar eclipse, each showing a different side of the same situation. This year, four eclipses will shake up the astrology of 2024. The first eclipse of the year is the lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25, 2024, and the second comes shortly after when the 'Great American Solar Eclipse' returns for the first time in seven years on April 8, 2024, in the sign of Aries. The third eclipse of the year will grace the skies on September 17, 2024, during the partial lunar eclipse in Pisces. This is the first eclipse in the Virgo-Pisces eclipse axis that will unfold into 2025. And finally, the year ends with a solar eclipse in Libra on October 2, 2024.

You've probably seen the chattering online about how eclipses bring life-altering change and unexpected trouble when they sweep through. And while it might seem like social media is fueling the fear of eclipses–these cosmic wonders have long been revered as powerful catalysts for change. Nobody is safe from the baneful rays of the eclipses. They are radical moments of metacosmios that inspire change. Because eclipse season causes such a stir, it's no wonder everyone is looking for tips and tricks to ward off the bad juju. It's more important than ever to take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health during this time, so self-care should be your main priority.

When Is the Next Eclipse? Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2024

For those of you who like to write everything in your calendar ahead of time so know when to plan for your self-care rituals, these are the eclipse dates for 2024 and 2025:

Eclipse Season Dates for 2024:

  • March 25, 2024: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

  • April 8, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • September 17, 2024: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

  • October 2, 2024: Solar Eclipse in Libra

Eclipse Season Dates for 2025:

  • March 14, 2025: Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

  • March 29, 2025: Partial Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • September 7, 2025: Total Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

  • September 21, 2025: Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo

What Is Eclipse Season and What Energy Do Eclipses Bring?

An eclipse is a celestial event that takes over the sky and dazzles stargazers. Every six months, the moon forms an auspicious connection with the lunar nodes and creates an event known as an eclipse. Eclipses occur in pairs and take place when the sun, moon, and Earth align in a certain way to create a solar or lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the Earth, casting a shadow that blocks the sun's light, while a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon travels into the Earth's shadow, causing the moon to turn dark. Eclipses can only happen on a new or full moon, and the North and South Nodes show which signs the eclipses will occur during a "season" and highlight the overarching themes that everyone will experience.

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Should You Avoid Manifesting During Eclipse Season?

Believe it or not, astrologers do not recommend manifesting during eclipses; here's why. Under normal circumstances, the monthly new moon is an ideal time to manifest, while the full moon is perfect for rest and rejuvenation. However, eclipses twist the usual energy of the lunar cycle to align you with your destiny. Because the Universe is already fine-tuning your life for you, you don't need to complicate things by manifesting. Eclipses are about finding your future, so it only makes sense to call new things into your life once you've absorbed the energy and lessons from each eclipse. Eclipses are uncontrollable, so it's best to pause, reflect, and observe the themes unfolding around you instead.

What Spiritual Practices Can You Do During Eclipses?

Okay, so manifesting is out, so what can you do? The best way to deal with eclipse season is to ground yourself and embrace slow-living. Astrologically, the moon represents your emotions and dreams, while the sun represents your deepest heart expression. When the luminaries overshadow one another during an eclipse, it can cause a clash within your inner world. Eclipses are unpredictable, making it difficult to prepare for the trouble they cause. However, it's crucial to remember that the eclipse cycles influence your karmic fate and spiritual growth. This is a perfect time for meditation, mantras, mindfulness, chanting, journaling, sound healing, and more.

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Self-Care Rituals To Perform Under a Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are fate-changing alignments that bring chance encounters, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. A solar eclipse can only occur during a new moon and represents fresh beginnings. During a solar eclipse, you're likely to feel like everything is shifting under your feet. If there's something that needs to be changed in your life or something you've neglected to take care of yourself, solar eclipses are designed to shake loose the stale energy and get things moving. Here are three solar eclipse rituals to try at home.

Try a Solar Eclipse Ritual for Self-Compassion and Self-Love

In astrology, the sun rules the ego and heart, meaning connecting with your confidence during eclipses can be difficult. One tip for dealing with this is trying a solar eclipse ritual to increase self-compassion, self-respect, and self-love. Start by cleansing your space and all the items you're using during meditation. Open a window and allow fresh air to flow through your space during the cleansing, and repeat the following mantra:

"I cleanse this space to invite light, love, and clarity into my life."

Next, find a comfortable seat and slip into a relaxed state. Find a relaxed breathing rhythm and then focus on connecting with the negative voice in your head. Have a conversation with it and ask why it chooses to lead with criticism. This is your opportunity to have a dialogue and rewrite the script. Try using each breath to reflect on your good qualities, strengths, traits, and anything else you love about yourself. You can also use your favorite healing crystals to amplify the energy of your session.

Be Active and Connect With Your Body Through Dance

Solar eclipses are famous for sapping energy and bringing on pounding headaches, so dancing to loud music might sound counterintuitive. But getting up and moving your body is exactly the activity that can help you stay grounded during the eclipse chaos. Moving to music can help you tap into your inner wounds and mend your heart. Dancing lets you momentarily forget about your problems and be present in your body. The best music to play is whatever gets you moving and helps you feel your best. But if you're looking for inspiration from the stars, add these songs to your eclipse season playlist.

Songs to Listen to During the Solar Eclipse:

  • "Eclipse" by Pink Floyd

  • "Solar Power" by Lorde

  • "Blackstar" by David Bowie

  • "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash

  • "Blister in The Sun" by Violent Femmes

  • "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

  • "Soak Up The Sun" by Sheryl Crow

  • "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles

  • "Dark Star" by The Grateful Dead

  • "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John

Songs to Listen to During the Lunar Eclipse:

  • "Eclipse" by LOONA / Kim Lip

  • "A Sky Full of Stars" by Coldplay

  • "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler

  • "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse

  • "Steal My Sunshine" by Len

  • "Promises in the Dark" by Pat Benatar

  • "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

  • "Brighter Than The Sun" by Colbie Caillat

  • "Day 'N' Nite" by Kid Cudi

Try a Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread to Get Some Clarity

Eclipse season can be a little dramatic, but they're also a great time to convene with the cosmos and find answers to life's most burning questions. Solar eclipses illuminate where you're aligned to your highest path. If you're looking for answers about what the eclipse has planned, the answer might be hiding in your tarot deck. Fair warning: the cards might tell you something you don't want to hear. But like any mystical practice or shadow work tool, facing the darkness directly is often what needs to be done to break free of what's holding you back. You can use your favorite tarot deck, oracle cards, or other deck for this spread. Keep a journal to write down the message the cards have for you.

Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread:

  1. The Sun (Physical World) – What is your current situation? What are you holding onto that only serves your ego?

  2. The Moon (Spiritual Realm) – What story are you telling yourself? Where can you get more in touch with your emotional side?

  3. What Is Out Of Balance – What is causing tension in your life? Where is your life feeling misaligned with your destiny?

  4. What Will Be Left Behind – What is the Universe asking you to release to move forward? How can you honor this chapter of your life?

  5. The Path Forward – What lessons will you learn during this eclipse season? What steps can you take to move forward from this experience?

Self-Care Rituals To Perform Under a Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses are emotionally charged moments of karmic rewards, cosmic wisdom, and closure. Lunar eclipses occur on full moons and symbolize cycles ending. During a lunar eclipse, it's common to experience dramatic mood swings and a heightened intuition. If something has been on your heart, the lunar eclipse will illuminate your soul and show you. All your subconscious worries and self-destructive patterns will be revealed, allowing you to deal with them. Here are three lunar eclipse rituals to try at home.

Release Emotional Overwhelm and Clear Energetic Blocks

Lunar eclipses are a perfect time for deep spiritual work and removing energy blocks from the body. Meditation allows you to tap into your current state of being and connect with the energetic vibration flowing through your body. When you take time to sit with yourself in silence and access your third-eye energy, you can alchemize your pain and turn it into light energy. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to energy healing, this is an easy ritual to shift your state of being during the eclipse.

Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths, counting to four on the inhale through your nose and counting to four on your exhale through your mouth. Continue this cycle for a minute before inhaling deeply, sitting up tall through your spine, releasing your hands, and gently placing both hands to the heart. Feel into your body and see if you can sense any heaviness. Once you've located this blockage, try to sense what thoughts and feelings are attached to this block. Now imagine a bright white light illuminating that area of your body and filling it with positivity and warmth. This self-care lunar eclipse ritual is a great way to refresh your energy and embrace a higher vibration.

Perform a Cord-Cutting Ritual To Let Go and Start Fresh

Lunar eclipses are a great time to utilize visualization practices for letting go of things that no longer serve you, including toxic bonds and connections. The attachments to people, places, or ideologies that once served you but are now limiting your potential are called "cords" of attachment. You could have cords tying you to a former flame or ex-best friend or even an ex-boss. Even if you know obsessing over these things isn't good for your mental well-being, sometimes you can't shake it off. If you have something that you want to release, then a cord-cutting ritual might be just what you need to let that shit go.

Start by clearing your space for a brief meditation to help align your energy. Spend about five minutes relaxing your breathing and clearing your mind. Try to identify any heaviness in your body by scanning your energy field and aura. What emotions and thoughts come up? Spend some time untangling each of these cords and attachments as they come up. Feel free to write them on paper or speak aloud as you meditate. Once you've discovered all of the cords, it's time to cut them and let go of these relationships. Picture a string of light connecting you and the other person. Visualize cutting the cord with scissors and watch as the cord dissolves before your eyes. Cord-cutting rituals allow you to cut off another person's access to your energy and preserve your spiritual alignment.

Take a Spiritual Cleansing Baths To Heal Your Aura

Finally, a spiritual cleansing bath is the perfect choice if you're looking for a self-care ritual that encourages you to relax. A ritual bath refers to any body of water that you infuse with intention before submerging your body. In astrology, the moon symbolizes the emotional bonds and connections you form with others. And energetically, water is a conduit for spiritual healing. Ritual baths are a simple and effective way to invite the healing energy of the lunar eclipse to wash over your problems. Use this ritual aura bath to boost your spiritual well-being, connect with la luna, and tap into her magnetic aura power.

You can take a traditional moon bath any time of day, so it doesn't matter if you prefer showering first thing in the morning or right before bed. However, in the case of a lunar eclipse ritual bath–it's best to get yourself settled in as close to the eclipse as possible. And don't worry if you can't see the big show from the view of your bathroom; the energy will be very apparent. Start by drawing your bath as usual and adding bath salts or soothing essential oils to set the mood. Before getting into the tub, focus on your intention for this eclipse cycle. Then, light a few candles and turn off the lights. Relax into the waters and let the waves wash away what no longer serves you.

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