The best sale I've found today - Anthropologie's pillows are now an extra 40% off. Here are the best ones

 The best throw pillows from the Anthropologie Black Friday sale.
The best throw pillows from the Anthropologie Black Friday sale.

Anthropologie has consistently had the best Black Friday home décor deals. I'd say this year was no different, but it's not — it is, in fact, better. With discounts being an extra 40% off their existing markdowns, these savings are pretty unbelievable.

I've gone through the entire Anthropologie sale section, and while I expected to be most taken by the brand's larger furniture items, my eyes were set on something more unexpected: throw pillows.

Laugh all you want. Pillows may seem relatively insignificant within the sea of marble coffee tables and storage cabinets, but Anthropologie pillows are no ordinary pillows. Works of art in their own right, each pillow is the result of incredibly innovative designs — things that no one would have thought to put together but work extraordinarily well. I'm talking scalloped edges, three dimensional embroidery, and textured gingham — who would have thought pillows could be this good?

So, if you think the pillow wheel suffers from a lack of reinvention, think again. Take advantage of Anthropologie's discounts on discounts and discover the very best throw pillows to exist at the moment.

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Style editor-approved pillows from Anthropologie

I am quite literally a professional shopper, so believe me when I tell you these are the best pillows to buy right now, not just at Anthropologie, but anywhere.

Monroe pillow

Price: $54.95

Was: $78

I mean, come on now! Prancing dalmatians? It's just too cute to pass up on. With its unique print and contrast piping, this throw pillow is equal parts dignified and sweet.

Lottie pillow (round)

Price: $59.95

Was: $88

So long, squares! Intentionally pulled yarn enhances the round shape of this Anthropologie pillow, which I can almost guarantee looks nothing like the rest of your pillow collection.

Studioilse Crawford tufted pillow

Price: $79.95

Was: $118

British designer Ilse Crawford founded Studioilse with the ethos that design is not just a product, but rather, a way of life. This sentiment is embodied in this tufted pillow, subtly elevating your space with its barely-there neutral color.

Pernille Rosenkilde striped pillow (round)

Price: $59.95

Was: $88

The Copenhagen design aesthetic is full of paradoxes. It is, in many ways, quite minimal but is so expressively creative in many others. Somehow, this pillow by Copenhagen-based designer Pernille Rosenkilde is both.

All Roads Yucca pillow

Price: $59.95

Was: $88

I'll bet you've never seen gingham like this. A textured twist on a timeless classic, this is the perfect way to add some playful charm to your couch.

Sullivan easy care pillow

Price: $49.95

Was: $68

Ensuring the longevity of your pillows is easier said than done — especially if you live in a household with pets or children. The solution? This easy-care pillow features a hydrophobic coating, meaning that spills can be swiftly wiped away. Plus, its contrast piping is just so good.

Les Ottomans pillow cover

Price: $89.95

Was: $130

Handmade by Turkish artisans, this pillow cover is one-of-a-kind and dyed with natural pigments. Featuring a stunningly textured pattern, this is the truly special piece you've been waiting for.

Dua pillow

Price: $54.95

Was: $78

This pillow is a mid-century marvel with its soft plush fabric, warm colors, and inviting texture. It would pair beautifully with similar tones or even a hunter green.

Matilda Goad & Co. scalloped pillow

Price: $54.95

Was: $78

Scalloped edges on this Matilda Goad & Co. pillow add a playful touch. With its cheerfully captivating swiggly design, it's the perfect choice for any room in need of whimsy.

When do Anthropologie's Black Friday deals begin?

Believe it or not, now's the time! The official start of Black Friday is Friday, November 24th, but with discounts like these, it's hard to imagine Anthropologie's prices getting much better. That said, feel free to check back here or in any other Black Friday sale articles, as our team is constantly updating to reflect the latest deals. Happy shopping!

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