The best 'quiet luxury' homeware brands – our editors reveal their budget-friendly secrets

 Living room with white boucle armchair, sofa, and large plant
Living room with white boucle armchair, sofa, and large plant

Once reserved primarily for the world of fashion, 'quiet luxury' is the new home decor trend making its way into our homes and taking the internet by storm.

We've asked the Ideal Home team for their favourite brands to shop to achieve quiet luxury in their own homes and contrary to its name, you'll be pleased to know you don't actually have to break the bank to make a living room look expensive – or any room for that matter.

Living room with white boucle armchair, sofa, and large plant
Living room with white boucle armchair, sofa, and large plant

What is quiet luxury?

It's a little difficult to get on the nose with just words alone, but think minimal, timeless, and an understated premium feel. Quiet luxury isn't flashy or loud and branded in logos, nor is it simply an interior wave that comes and goes like the latest living room trends. It makes a space feel classy, expensive, and almost old-money-esque.

The key to achieving quiet luxury in your home is by investing in unassuming quality staples and furnishings for your living spaces. Whether that be purchasing the best sofa money can buy to opting for less flamboyant living room colour schemes and instead settling on a more neutral living room idea with a pop of jewel and darker tones.

DFS Izzie four-seater sofa in Forest Green boucle
DFS Izzie four-seater sofa in Forest Green boucle

6 of our favourite quiet luxury homeware brands

We know we tend to pride ourselves in affordable solutions for your home, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't like to splurge sometimes – but don't fret, because we'd never send you too far out of the typical Ideal Home budget pool.

Our editors reveal their insider secrets on where to shop to make a home feel more expensive while still shopping at relatively high-street prices.

Dark wood dining table and chairs with decorative console table and plant
Dark wood dining table and chairs with decorative console table and plant

1. Layered Lounge

This pearl-edged tableware from Layered Lounge made a lasting impression on our Editor and country style expert, Andrea Childs. If you're after an easy way to make your dining room look expensive as an extension of your grand kitchen ideas, this tableware set takes the cake.

Andrea even suggests mixing it with your existing white dishes so opting for these wouldn't have to cost a fortune.

Pearl Tableware

The Pearl tableware range from Layered Lounge is a beautiful high-quality range, ideal for taking you from everyday use to special occasions. Soft white in colour with an elegant beaded rim touched with a subtle hint of grey, stocking up on a couple of these pieces at the dinner table will give you the luxe boost you're seeking.

Pearl Serving Bowl

Pearl Pasta Serving Bowl

Pearl Stoneware Mug

2. Zara Home

Our Assistant Editor, Thea Babington-Stitt loves this high-street brand's home selection, and we've got to agree with her.

'Just as with its clothing and accessories, Zara has nailed luxe homeware for less. Perhaps due to their Spanish roots, they excel in showcasing the best of natural materials (woods, metals, linens…) and are my go-to when my space needs a new accent piece.'

'Remember to check out their Room and Fabric Sprays to get all the senses going – I especially love the Absolute Linen scent.'

Small Earthenware Base Lamp

Our star buy from Zara Home is this beige earthenware base lamp, for its simplicity and the way it plays with texture. Paired against some contrasting tones in your home, it's a lighting trend worth considering.

Vase with Handle

Round Tray

Woven Magazine Rack

3. Denby

Our Content Director, Laura Crombie, swears by Denby for another expensive-looking tableware option. Stocked at your local John Lewis, Wayfair, and Dunelm, elevating your dining space further has never been easier.

Porcelain Constance 12 Piece Tableware Set

Laura also mixes her Denby pieces with her basic tableware to help cut costs but keep the elegant feel. She notes that although 'they're an investment, you can feel the quality.'

Denby Kiln Stoneware Dinnerware Set, 12 Piece, Natural

Azure Stoneware Mug

Denby Elements Grey Stoneware Pasta Bowl

4. Neptune

'I love to explore the room settings at my nearest branch of Neptune for inspiration of how I'd like to live (but don't!). There are often baskets of accessories, like cushions, or lines of glassware on sale where I can pick up a little of the look,' says Alison Jones, editor of our sister magazine, Real Homes.

Ella Tumbler, Set of 6

She adds: 'My favourites are my bubble blue glass tumblers that have an expensive-feeling heft to them.' They’re fun to use and feel weighty and thick to hold. They almost look like recycled glass but are just a little more elegant with their hundreds of tiny trapped air bubbles – like raindrops on a windowpane.

Corinium Serving Platter

Corinium Candlestick

Haybrook Vase

5. Søstrene Grene

Our Deputy Print Editor, Ginevra Benedetti, says: 'I love, love, LOVE Søstrene Grene – it's a Danish brand that has a handful of stores across the UK and Ireland (but sadly not online). I discovered it on a visit to Copenhagen years ago, then they opened one in Dublin near to where my Mum lives so no trip home is without a visit there!'

Side Table

'Imagine you combined a posh Flying Tiger with Ikea's marketplace and then topped them with a dollop of Ferm Living... There are loads of cool, crafty bits and bobs but the tableware, accessories and even furniture are really good quality despite the seriously affordable prices.'

Beach Chair


Folding Crate

6. La Redoute

Our Editor in Chief, Heather Young, says: 'I love La Redoute for baskets – there's a huge range of shapes, colours and sizes and they're really high quality. They're the perfect thing to stash clutter out of sight when you're trying to nail that 'quiet luxury' minimalist vibe.'

Jutlo Woven Jute Basket

Made from pretty woven jute, this Jutlo flexi basket is easily portable making it a versatile storage option for items, large and small. Not to mention, they also work as an elegant toy storage solution for a living room.

Jutlo Woven Jute Basket - Black/Natural

Zac Round Woven Seagrass Basket

Rixy 38cm High Ball Basket with Handles

Now, there are plenty of ways and other brands that also carry that same 'quiet luxury' vibe if you're after that classy feel for your home that's also budget-friendly, but we hope this handful of trusted brands we love will give you a safe place to start.